#UKRAINERUSSIAWAR. A fleet of marine drones for Ukraine


According to social sources, close to the Russian social sphere, in 2022 the Ukrainian army began assembling naval drones with foreign components. They tried to use them to attack a group of Russian Black Sea Fleet ships in Sevastopol. However, the pro-Russian post reads: ‘unlike the Yemeni Hussites, the Ukrainian armed forces’ attempt was less successful’.

But let’s see in detail what we are talking about: the length of each of these drones is 5.5 metres, the weight is about one tonne, the operational range is 400 km, the autonomy is 60 hours, the weight of the warhead is 200 kg, the maximum speed is 80 km/h.

A submarine drone costs $250,000 and is controlled from an ‘autonomous’ control station on land using satellite navigation or an inertial navigation system, as well as visually through a video subsystem.

The satellite dish at the rear of the drone is very similar to the Starlink dish. Most likely, the satellite navigation is provided by Elon Musk’s company.

According to UNITED24, Russia has launched more than 4,500 missiles into Ukraine, 20% of which were launched from the sea. Ukraine has nothing to stop these launches from ships, because its fleet lost 80% of its ships in 2014 along with Crimea.

The Ukrainian premier, Volodymymir Zelenskiy now hopes to raise enough money to build a drone fleet. He asked for economic support in this regard with one of his videos. As reported on 11 November, fundraising for the world’s first fleet of Ukrainian marine drones was launched on the fundraising platform United24.

According to unverifiable rumours, the Lithuanians raised $250,000 for a fleet of marine drones for Ukraine. A post testifying to the purchase appeared online.

Graziella Giangiulio

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