#UKRAINERUSSIAWAR. Moscow tests Russian-Iranian weapons at the front awaiting the delivery of Western weapons to Kiev


More new weapons are arriving at the front. After anti-artillery robots the Russian military for the first time since the beginning of the military operations attacked the infrastructure of the Ukrainian military with a kamikaze submarine drone. Having already launched missile attacks on the bridge support in the Odessa region, Russian troops have now destroyed the bridge support in Zatoka. It seems that it was the Iranians who supplied the submarine drone, the kamikaze drone could be a ‘Bavar’.

Among the new/improved weapons at the front on the Russian side are those for snipers: the Lobaev Antimatter, with which the MRD snipers and the still Sniper 3rd Motor Rifle Division are currently working. According to a Russian mercenary account: ‘And in our “post-heroic era”, when a soldier costs more than state property and the destruction of personnel is a priority, the value of such weapons rises sharply’. Snipers at the front according to social sources on both the Ukrainian and Russian sides are highly sought after as they are useful for engaging infantry.

Vladislav Shurygin, a military expert who often speaks on Soloviev’s Russian broadcast: ‘Now a very difficult time has come in Ukraine. They hoped that the accumulated reserves would be enough to survive the winter. And when Russia pushed a little, the reserves began to melt. They began to transfer forces to new positions. Ukraine clings to Bachmut with madness. They must keep the Russians in these positions. They are preparing a counter-offensive. From these positions it is more convenient to conduct it. The new positions are not resolved. In the spring, for the first time, we will actually face the American army. It is clear that this will be a Ukrainian performance. But there is 70-80% Western technology. They are testing tactics on the Ukrainians that they will try against us.

Swedish expert Lars Bern said on SwebbTV: ‘Russia is demilitarising not only Ukraine, but also NATO. The ‘stupid policy’ of the US and its allies to increase arms supplies is leading to the demilitarisation not only of Kiev, but of the entire NATO bloc, said the Swedish publicist. The alliance countries voluntarily send their weapons for recycling. At the same time, NATO runs the great risk of running out of protective trousers. ‘Some Western countries have already completely exhausted their arms stocks’. Bern added that against Russian hypersonic missiles, which can carry nuclear warheads, Western countries have no protection: ‘We are not able to defend ourselves against these weapons – how many times is it necessary to point this out? So why, one wonders, are we playing with fire?”

According to Donbass sources, since the beginning of the escalation, Ukrainian troops have fired almost 100,000 different types of ammunition throughout the DPR territory. All taken and studied by Russian technicians.

Graziella Giangiulio

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