TAP talks toghether with TANAP


AZERBAIJAN – Baku. The Head of Communication at Trans-Adriatic Pipeline project (TAP), Mrs. Lisa Givert, affirmed that TAP continues the dialogue with Trans-Anatolian Gas Pipeline project (TANAP) on technical cooperation, especially after Azeri Parliament has ratified the agreement on the construction of separate pipeline through its country to Turkey and on the development of TANAP.

Mrs. Givert informed Trend.az that TAP welcomed the ratification of the agreement by Azeri Parliament because TANAP plays an important role in the development of Southern Gas Corridor and is linked to the TAP system functionality.

On November 20th, Azerbaijani Parliament ratified the TANAP agreement and took the decision to start the building of a separate gas pipeline to Turkey (read AGC Communication – Il parlamento azero ratifica l’accordo con la TANAP); this event was welcomed by UE through the words of Mr. Günther Oettinger, EU Energy Commissioner, who put the attention on the important role of Azerbaijan and State Oil Company of the Azerbaijani Republic (SOCAR) for European energetic market and policy (AGC Communication – EU welcomes the TANAP agreement). TANAP is a vital project for Europe because it will bring the gas from Shah Deniz field in Azeri Caspian Sea section to Europe’s border. Indeed European companies showed their interest on Azerbaijan and on the construction of a new complex in the Caucasian country to develop oil gas processing and petrochemicals production designed to ensure EU energy security.

Two days later this ratification, TAP, to ensure its creditors about the regular progress of the project, has reported on its official page on Internet that Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA) report was presented to the local communities in Albania to create a dialogue between the representatives of the project and local population who was invited to provide their views and comments, which will be incorporated in the project development (AGC Communication – TAP Closes its ESIA in Albania).

TAP project was ideate to bring Azeri natural gas from Shah Deniz field in Caspian Sea to Western European market via Greece, Albania, Adriatic Sea and Southern Italy. It is vital for both Europe and Italy and represents the opportunity for new jobs in Southern Italy, especially after the problems due to the closing of Ilva in Taranto, and could give to Italy an important role into European energetic market and policy.

TANAP project plans the construction of gas pipeline from the Turkish eastern border to western border to supply gas extracted from Azerbaijani Shah Deniz gas field to Europe through Turkey; 80% share in TANAP belongs to SOCAR and other 20% to Turkish Botas. It is really important for Turkey, especially after Ankara decreased its gas imports from Tehran due to European sanctions: for this purpose, on November 23rd, Mr. Hakan Turker, BP deputy director on Turkey, informed that around 10 billion dollars will be invested in Turkey within the TANAP project.