TAIWAN, Chinese army: ‘Prepare for war!’


The local press in Taiwan now says that the plane carrying US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (https://www.agcnews.eu/usa-sistema-di-protezione-mai-visto-per-la-pelosi-a-taiwan/) will arrive today. A national TV journalist posted this on his social page on 1 August, letting the whole world know. Pelosi, according to other sources, may arrive in Taiwan, and will meet with the head of the island’s administration on three August. The Taiwanese Foreign Ministry has not yet confirmed these plans, writes the local newspaper China Times, citing sources.

Other sources claim that Nancy Pelosi might try to land in Taiwan under the pretext of a technical problem or the need to refuel.

The Chinese Foreign Ministry again warned the US that Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan would lead to ‘serious consequences’ and that China would ‘absolutely take strong measures’ to protect sovereignty and territorial integrity. On 28 July, Xi Jinping told Biden: ‘Those who play with fire will surely get burned’, commenting on US interference in the affairs of China and Taiwan. The response from the White House was that Biden cannot advise Pelosi whether or not to go to Taiwan. On 31 July, China once again warned the US to “not play with fire” on Taiwan. “No one should underestimate the determination and ability of the more than 1.4 billion Chinese people to defend their national sovereignty and territorial integrity,” said the Chinese deputy ambassador to the UN. China accuses the US of double standards in the UN Security Council and accuses Washington of challenging Beijing’s sovereignty over Taiwan.

This escalation of violence is very reminiscent of the one between Russia and Ukraine before 24 February. When the international media, especially the US, were talking of imminent conflict in Ukraine. And when the US grey eminences still claimed that there would be no Kiev-Moscow conflict. Now it is the Chinese social sphere talking about it with an important proponent: the Chinese army. Messages to the population were given via social media. On 29 July at 16.00 Italian time, the message: “Prepare for war!” went viral. The message appeared on the official account of the 80th Army of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army in the social network Weibo. China has repeatedly warned the US that such a visit is unacceptable and will result in serious consequences, up to and including war.

At 17:10, the message went viral from another official Chinese Army (PLA) TikTok account that posted: “Prepare for war!”. Subsequently, ‘Chinese state media suggested that the EPL (People’s Liberation Army of China) should shoot down Pelosi’s plane if it goes to Taiwan. On 31 July, the EPL stated: ‘If US fighter jets escort a Pelosi jet to Taiwan, it is an invasion. The EPL has the right to forcibly disperse the Pelosi jet and US fighters, including warning shots and creating tactical obstacles. If that is not enough, shoot them down,’ Chinese state media reported Hu Xijin

China therefore prepares its citizens for the worst, just as the US and European media did with the citizens of the West. Right now, both Taiwan and China are holding drills. On 28 July, Taiwan held military drills amid fears of a Chinese invasion. The Taiwanese army is also conducting drills, codenamed Han Kuang, across the Taiwan Strait. The manoeuvres have been ongoing for a week now and are designed to run scenarios to counter a potential attack by the Chinese People’s Liberation Army on the island. On 30 July, US Air Force fighter planes took off.

On 29 July, China started military exercises in the South China Sea off the island of Hainan and the coast of Hong Kong. Beijing announced in the following hours a surprise live-fire exercise in Fujian province, the closest mainland Chinese province to Taiwan. From 08:00 to 21:00 on 29 July, China also closed the coastal area 120 km from Taiwan. On the 30th, Chinese exercises were repeated in the Taiwan Strait. It was reported that the manoeuvres will be limited in scope and will take place off Pingtan Island in Fujian Province. ‘Real shells will be fired from 8am to 9pm and any entry (into these waters) will be prohibited’. On 30 July, the Taiwan Strait was closed. On 30 July, China actively moved armoured vehicles to the Fujian region, where exercises will be held today. Chinese air defence systems were seen moving into Fujian province, the closest mainland Chinese territory to Taiwan. On the 31st, the Chinese Air Force flew to the island of Taiwan to protect its country’s national sovereignty and territorial integrity, said Shen Jinke, spokesman for the Chinese People’s Liberation Army Air Force.