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Tags #defendereurope2022

Tag: #defendereurope2022

#UKRAINERUSSIAWAR. Mosca distrugge le sottostazioni elettriche ferroviarie a Leopoli

Il mese di maggio sarà molto delicato e decisivo, quanto lo è stato febbraio nelle relazioni tra Occidente e Russia, se ancora si può...

#UKRAINERUSSIAWAR. Moscow destroys railway power substations in Lviv

The month of May will be as delicate and decisive as February was in relations between the West and Russia, if we can still...

#UKRAINERUSSIAWAR. Three directions of invasion ahead of NATO manoeuvres

On 3 May the Ukrainian ambassador to the UK, Vadym Volodymyrovyč Prystajko, said that the time for negotiations between Kiev and Moscow was over....

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