#UKRAINERUSSIAWAR. Severodonetsk will collapse in a week at most


According to the French Defense Ministry, the Ukrainian front presented two critical issues on May 25: in Vostochny, Russian troops are trying to strengthen their positions north and east of Kharkov where the front seems to have stabilized. And the Ukrainian armed forces have moved part of their group to Donbass to resist the advance of Russian troops and Liman is still under heavy bombardment, which is a prelude to the assault on the city by Russian troops.

The British Ministry of Defense has defined the successes achieved by the Russians and allies near Severodonetsk, Lisichansk and Rubizhne as very dangerous, because Moscow “will lengthen the Russian supply lines, which will put the Ukrainian forces in front of new difficulties in terms of supply. “.

On the Russian social sphere, it is learned that serious losses are being recorded in the separate presidential brigade called Hetman Bogdan Khmelnytsky, formally subordinate directly to the president of Ukraine. There is a great loss in the officer corps, in particular, in mid-May, Nikolai Anasiychuk, a trusted man of the president, died.

It seems that the Ukrainians have plans to attack Snake Island again. The Russian military is continuing to undermine the Azovstal metallurgical plant and the surrounding area.

Between the 24th evening and the early afternoon of the 25th, we learn via social media that the situation towards Bakhmut is precipitating. The head of the Luhansk administration, Gaidai, admitted that the situation in the region is on the verge of being critical. According to him, “the Russians are advancing into the Luhansk region in all directions at the same time. They are attacking the direction of Severodonetsk, the community of Gorskaya from the side of Zolote and Ekaterinovka, near Popasnaya from the side of Kamyshevakhi and Lugansk Chernobaevka – Belogorovka. Severdonetsk is barely alive. The regional center was bombed by airplanes, ”added Gaidai. Moreover, according to him, the Lisichansk-Bakhmut highway is completely cut off; the Russian DRGs are already “working”. On the 25th afternoon the Russian troops took Belogorovka on the Bakhmut-Lysichansk highway, as well as the village of Nagornoe located near Belogorovka.

Thus, the main supply route of the Severodonetsk group was physically cut off (moreover, in the Soledar area, it was already under fire control for 3 days). Also on May 25, the Russians occupied Toshkovka, creating a threat to the main supply line of the APU group in the fortified area of ​​Gorsko-Zoloty. Also social sources report that the operational environment is located north of Belogorovka, since the Ukrainian armed forces still have control of the road through Seversk at their disposal, but it is of lesser importance than the interrupted motorway section. Seversk becomes a neck support of the Severodonetsk boiler. When moving to Seversk from Yampol or when moving from Belogorovka to the Bakhmut-Seversk highway, the boiler from the operational one will fill up, and for the Ukrainians there will be only surrender.

The mayor of Gorlovka said Russian and allied troops are taking the village of Novoluganskoye (near Svetlodarsk). Probably the Ukrainians will withdraw from Novoluganskoye in the direction of Bakhmut. In the afternoon of May 25, social sphere analysts learned that within a week, 4,000 soldiers from the Kiev regime formations could be surrounded in Severodonetsk. This was stated by a source in the OP who said that Zaluzhny warned Zelensky that in a week the operational encirclement of the Severodonetsk leadership would turn into a cauldron, in which there would be a 4,000 soldiers of the Ukrainian armed forces. “The reserves are currently completely exhausted on the Eastern front and additional forces without heavy weapons will not be able to break through the Severodonetsk blockade,” we are unable to ascertain the veracity of the source.

The Russians call the constant mobilization measures strange, the decisions of the General Staff of the Ukrainian Armed Forces regarding the actions in Lisichansk and Severodonetsk. It reads: «The boys must be scared. They unwind again. And either death awaits them, or the “evacuation” (surrender ed) in the correctional institutions of the LPR ». The city of Severodonetsk in the LPR, on the afternoon of May 25, fell into the operational encirclement of the forces of the People’s Militia and the Russian Federation, Donbass sources said. Wagner PMC assault units are fighting in Pilipchatino. Parts of the NM DPR are advancing on Novoluganskoye from Gorlovka

Also on May 25, the attacks in Liman continued. A post reads: «The positions of the Ukrainian Armed Forces in the Liman area are subjected to the most powerful artillery and missile attack by the “O” group, in the last 2 days an unprecedented amount of fire has fallen on the heads of the Ukrainian militants ». There are also sightings of Russian troops in Kremennaya. On the afternoon of the 25th, the first photos of Russian troops from Krasny Liman arrived on the social sphere. The grouping of Russians continues to push out of the city, which clings to the train station.

Bombings are recorded in the forest belt near Izyum. At the end of the article we learn that the suburbs taken by the DPR in Svetlodarsk have been subjected to artillery fire by the Ukrainian armed forces.

Graziella Giangiulio