#ISRAELHAMASWAR. The Israeli army has entered the neighborhoods south of Rafah on the border with Egypt. Which Palestine will be born from European recognition?


Several European countries, including France, Belgium and Slovenia, have announced their support for the International Criminal Court’s (ICC) decision to issue arrest warrants for Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and others for crimes committed in the besieged Gaza Strip.

ICC prosecutor Karim Khan received threats while conducting investigations against senior Israeli officials, with one senior official telling him that “the Court is made for Africa and thugs like Putin” and not, according to media reports. for the West and its allies. However, doubts remain very large regarding the adherence of this request to the principles on which the ICC itself is based. 

Senator Lindsey Graham says US should sanction ICC over fears it could be subject to arrest warrant following Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu

According to Al Jazeera, Norwegian Foreign Minister Espen Barth Eide said: “If an arrest warrant is issued against Netanyahu and Gallant on behalf of the Hague Tribunal, we will be obliged to arrest them if they arrive in Norway.”

Among the news trending in the social sphere of Israel and Hamas is the fact that Spain, Ireland, Norway recognize the independent Palestinian state. 

Israel in response is recalling ambassadors from Dublin, Oslo and Madrid for consultations. 

“Foreign Minister Israel Katz has ordered the Israeli ambassador to Spain to return for consultations and to summon the ambassadors of Ireland, Spain and Norway for a rebuke, during which they will watch the video of the abduction of the female field observers: “They have decided to award a gold medal to the murderers and rapists of Hamas. We will show them what a distorted decision their governments have made,” reports a note from the Israeli Foreign Ministry. 

Irish Prime Minister Simon Harris officially announced the recognition of a Palestinian state, as did Norwegian Prime Minister Younes Ger Stora: “We must preserve an alternative that offers a political solution to Israelis and Palestinians. We encourage other countries to follow our example.” The Norwegian Prime Minister added: “The goal is to create a Palestinian state based on the Palestinian Authority. We believe that a two-state solution is in Israel’s interests.”

Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez: “We will recognize the Palestinian state on May 28. The Israeli Foreign Ministry is also expected to recall the Israeli ambassador to Madrid for consultations.” Saudi Foreign Ministry: “We welcome the positive decision by Norway, Spain and Ireland to recognize the State of Palestine”

However, it is not clear which state of Palestine the three European countries have recognised, nor actually who its representative is: just the PNA? And its conflictual relations with Hamas? Let us remember that Hamas took control of Gaza, wresting it from the PA with a real coup d’état, physically eliminating the PA leadership present. And so in the current situation, what would change if Hamas is and remains an organization outside the PA, of which it is occupying part of the territory? Will the current conflict go from asymmetric to symmetric? 

It seems like a situation similar in many respects to that of the area of the Levant occupied by Daesh and defined as the Caliphate, against which a coalition of states fought for years. 

Hamas, however, welcomed the decision by Norway, Ireland and Spain on Wednesday to simultaneously recognize the independent Palestinian state and its membership in the UN: “We consider this an important step on the way to establishing our right to our land and establishing our independent Palestinian state with Jerusalem as its capital.” Hamas called on countries around the world to “recognize our legitimate national rights, support the struggle of our Palestinian people for liberation and independence, and end the Israeli occupation of our land.”

France considers recognition of Palestine premature, Foreign Minister Stephane Sejournet said. “This decision must be useful, that is, make decisive progress possible on a political level,” he said. “Russia supports a two-state solution between Israel and Palestine,” Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said on the intention of some European countries to recognize Palestine. 

Iranian Deputy Foreign Minister for Economic Diplomacy Mehdi Safari said that peace and security are supportednibilities in the region will only be possible by ending the occupation in Palestine, Syria and Lebanon.

In the joint press release of Norway, Ireland and Spain announcing the official recognition of the State of Palestine, it is stated that the official recognition will take place on May 28th. 

At a joint press conference by Norwegian Prime Minister Jonas Gahr Storhe and his Foreign Minister, Espen Barth Ede, details of which are contained in a joint statement published by the Norwegian government on its website, said that the decision to officially recognize the State of Palestine “will come into force on May 28,” stressing that a number of European countries with a similar orientation “will officially recognize the State of Palestine on the same date.” He added: “The Palestinian and Israeli authorities have been informed of the government’s decision to recognize the State of Palestine.”

The Norwegian government press release states: “Palestinians have the fundamental and independent right to establish their own state. Both Israelis and Palestinians have the right to live peacefully in two separate states, and there can be no peace in the Middle East without two states.”

The Norwegian Prime Minister said that recognizing Palestine “sends a strong message to other countries to follow the example of Norway and a number of other European countries and recognize the State of Palestine.” He underlined that this decision “ultimately allows the resumption of the process to achieve the two-state solution and gives it new impetus”. Furthermore, Ireland announced the recognition of Palestine as a state.

Irish Prime Minister Simon Harris said today in Dublin that this step was taken together with Norway and Spain. In turn, Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez said on Wednesday that the government will recognize an independent Palestinian state.

He added to the Spanish representatives: “Next Tuesday, May 28, Spain will approve the recognition of the Palestinian State in the Council of Ministers.” He accused his Israeli counterpart, Benjamin Netanyahu, of “endangering” the two-state solution in the Middle East through his policy of “suffering and destruction” in the Gaza Strip.

According to Israeli political scientists regarding the recognition of a Palestinian state: “The decision of Norway, Spain and Ireland to recognize a Palestinian state is shameful, but it is not the result of a “crisis” but of an unprecedented political failure.” At the level of internal Israeli politics, then, a change at the top of the government will be more complex, as has been requested for many months by Israeli civil society, which is currently experiencing this request as yet another example of anti-Semitism. 

Israeli Defense Minister Gallant signed the order allowing the return of settlers to the northern West Bank following the recognition of the Palestinian state by European countries. Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Gallant announced on the morning of May 22 an expansion of the law allowing return to West Bank territory that had been evacuated during Israel’s disengagement from the Gaza Strip and parts of the West Bank.

Sources close to Gallant say that Finance Minister Bezalel Smotrich and Shomron regional council head Yossi Dagan, who was involved in promoting the amendment, were aware of the military order signed along with the expanded enforcement of the law. Smotrich denies having knowledge of the return order.

The Houthis released a video of the destruction of another MQ-9 Reaper UAV using an anti-aircraft guided missile. The sixth. A Yemeni official responds to British Defense over Britain’s announcement to test a new weapon against drones.

The deputy director of the Moral Guidance Department of the Sana’a government’s Ministry of Defense, Brigadier General Abdullah bin Amer, said in a blog post on drones based on the use of invisible radio waves that can interrupt marches for a distance of up to 3 kilometers in a circular manner.” He added: “This news reminds us of American advertisements from years ago about laser weapons, and in the end we only saw this weapon in military magazines.”

The US military reveals its losses in Yemen. America officially admitted that Sanaa forces shot down an MQ-9 Reaper drone a few hours after transmitting images of an operation to strike one of their own in Al-Bayda governorate.

On the afternoon of May 22, US-British planes launched several raids on Hudaydah International Airport

And now a lookor the war of attrition between Israel and Hamas updated at 6:00 pm on May 22. 

The Islamic resistance claimed responsibility for an attack on the al-Sadah site, Avivim. Israeli channel 12 reported “a fire broke out inside a building in the Avivim settlement after being hit by an anti-tank missile launched from Lebanon.”

Lebanese sources report Israeli artillery attacks near the city of Naqoura, south of Lebanon. The IDF reports: “Following the sirens that sounded earlier in the Ghajar area of northern Israel, it was believed to be a false alarm.” The IDF also reported having attacked Hezbollah men and structures with air raids in the Meiss El Jabal area.

The IAF also struck Hezbollah military facilities in the Ayta ash Shab area and observation posts in Aalma El Chaeb, in southern Lebanon.

Over the past day, the Israeli Air Force struck around 130 Hamas targets across the Gaza Strip, including Hamas-linked militia cells, military facilities, observation posts and other infrastructure.

According to Israeli media: two soldiers were killed and 4 others were injured following the explosion of an explosive device and sniper fire in the Gaza Strip. Hamas sources speak of a sniper attack against Israeli soldiers north of Beit Hanoun, in the northern Gaza Strip. 

On May 21, IDF troops operating in the Jabaliya area of northern Gaza killed numerous Hamas militiamen in close combat and airstrikes. During one of the operations, IDF troops directed an IAF aircraft that eliminated eight Hamas men operating from inside an arms depot. The weapons depot was also destroyed.

Israeli warplanes have launched intense raids on areas in the northern Gaza Strip. In a statement, the IDF reported that their troops operating in the Jabaliya area eliminated numerous men from Hamas-linked militias in close combat. The Israeli army resumed ground operations in the north of the enclave, near the city of Jabaliya.

On May 21, IDF troops eliminated a number of Hamas troops in the central Gaza Strip.

IDF troops are still inside Rafah and are currently operating based on information regarding Hamas network targets in the “Brazil” and “Shaboura” areas. The activity began with a preliminary series of air strikes against Hamas targets in Rafah.

Palestinian sources report the death of 5 people and the wounding of 7 others following Israeli raids on Rafahnel on May 22. The Forces of Martyr Omar Al-Qasim in a note report: “We targeted an Israeli infantry force that was holed up in a house with an R.B.G projectile in the Al-Jeneina neighborhood, east of Rafah.” In the south of the enclave, the Israeli army continues its offensive along the Egyptian border. IDF soldiers also entered the southern neighborhoods of Rafah.

According to Palestinian sources, Israeli artillery attacks have resumed in the eastern areas of the Al-Zaytoun neighborhood, south-east of the city of Gaza.

The Al-Quds Brigades: “we bombed an Israeli position on the supply line of the “Netzarim” axis, south of Gaza city, with a barrage of mortar shells”.

High tension also in the West Bank, the Israeli army invaded Jenin, clashes and bombings continued throughout the afternoon. There are deaths and injuries on both sides. 

The Saraya Al-Quds – Jenin Brigade claims attack against Israeli forces with a heavy barrage of bullets in the Al-Damj axis.

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