#ISRAELHAMASWAR. The Houthis explain why they are pro-Palestine


As the world watched the meeting between President Maḥmūd Abbas and US Secretary of State Antony Blinken at the Muqataa Presidential Headquarters in Ramallah, where the two discussed efforts to speed up the delivery of humanitarian aid to Gaza by extending humanitarian truces. And Blinken renewed the United States’ commitment to promoting concrete steps towards the creation of a Palestinian state. Hamas and Israel broke the truce. And from Yemen, Ansar Allah, known to most as Houthis, explained to the world his version of what is happening between Israel and Hamas.

He did it both with the street declarations that on December 1st crowded Sanaa with the cry: “With Palestine, we are ready for all options”. “We affirm our continued support and support for our brothers in occupied Palestine at all levels.” “We make a general appeal to all global structures, including regimes, governments and international organizations, to criminalize Zionism as a criminal ideology that seeks to occupy and destroy peoples. We express our condemnation of the statement issued by the seven industrialized countries, in which they tried to justify the legitimacy of the atrocious crimes to the Zionist criminal entity.”

Both through statements by Ansar Allah’s media staff and on November 30th explaining in a note: “In the war launched by the Gulf states against Yemen, most Arabs accepted the Gulf narrative that Ansar Allah was an extension Iranian and a headline for a sectarian war and tampering with Arab national security. And when Israel’s war broke out in Gaza and the axis of resistance managed to keep the Palestine title in the spotlight, a title that entered Yemen with all its strength and with what it had sailed the seas that America has defined a red line. The Gulf states were content to issue statements, so the Arab street sided with Yemen because it was accused of sectarianism because it sided with Palestine.” And again the Ansar Allah staff reports: “But this war is a war of narrative and the narrative is expressed through actions. The same thing happened between the Israeli and Palestinian narratives on the Western streets, and Israel lost because it thought it was an unshakable force. This is the added value”.

Ansar Allah continues: “Ansar Allah does not lie when he says that the war waged by the Arab coalition is American. And that America wants to occupy Yemen and that Israel wants to control Yemeni ports, coasts and islands, and that Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates are nothing more than cheap tools.”

And he continues: “Since reality confirms the truth of what Al-Ansar and Mr. Abdul-Malik said, the American ambassador today orders the Minister of Defense to intensify military action against Ansar Allah, and defense will be implemented because it is an American instrument. This is why we call on all forces, ranks, officers and soldiers to reject American orders so that history does not record that America forced Yemenis to kill their Yemeni brothers under the false flag of legitimacy. Houthis, when we say that the war aims to restore legitimacy, because today we see American, British and Emirati forces in Aden and Hadramaut. Al-Mahra and Socotra are areas where there is not a single Houthi. The truth today is clear: there is no legitimacy, there is a foreign occupation in our country and we must coordinate with Ansar Allah and the government of Sana’a to expel the occupiers from our country, and then we can agree with Ansar Allah and all national forces include the political system: this is fairness, and everything else does not matter.”

Ansar Allah therefore when and how he can not only attack Israel from the Yemeni coast but will hunt down the ships glimpsed towards Suez. 

Antonio Albanese e Graziella Giangiulio

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