#ISRAELHAMASWAR. Stop negotiations. The parties are dissatisfied. Clashes in the Strip. Air raids, fires and missiles in southern Lebanon and northern Israel


The peace agreement between Israel and Hamas is stalled despite pressure on both Israel and Hamas. The last no, after that of Israel which officially informed the United States of its rejection of the American president’s proposal to reach an agreement with Hamas, was that of the Palestinian Mujahideen Movement.

The statement reads: “the Palestinian Mujahideen Movement received from the leadership of the Hamas movement the explanatory memorandum on the developments of the indirect negotiations with the enemy Israel, in particular on the initiative announced by US President Biden. After examining the content of this initiative, the ‘Israeli charter’, it became clear that an explicit text for an eternal ceasefire was missing. Accordingly, we in the Palestinian Mujahideen Movement emphasize that the principles of resistance to end the war include a permanent end to the shooting, the withdrawal of enemy forces from the Gaza Strip, the return of displaced persons, urgent aid for our people, the reaching a serious and honorable agreement for the prisoners and the complete breaking of the unjust siege of the Gaza Strip”.

Without the guarantee of compliance with these points the war will not end. Still on the subject of negotiated agreements and new fronts, Joe Biden’s administration warns that the Israeli invasion of Lebanon will lead to Iranian intervention.

Reuters reports that Hamas currently has between 9,000 and 12,000 militants, according to the United States. According to American estimates, before the war the group numbered around 25 thousand people. According to CNN, Qatar is threatening Hamas with arrest and imprisonment and the Biden administration has assured that Arab countries in the region are threatening Hamas with freezing their bank accounts.

Israeli Minister of National Security Itamar Ben Gvir once again spoke about humanitarian aid: “Our position is to prevent the entry of fuel into Gaza and reduce humanitarian aid”.

Israel’s news that no damage had been reported to the Patriot defense system was denied. Photos show a destroyed launcher of the Israeli Iron Dome missile defense system. The launcher was hit by an Iranian-made Almas ATGM. Still on the subject of weapons, the Israeli company IAI presented an air-launched version of the LORA ballistic missile, called AIR LORA. While Israeli sources say that the Bank of Israel has for the first time resorted to gold and foreign exchange reserves to save the shekel from collapse.

Media close to Hezbollah report that the Israeli army is preparing to carry out operations in Syria and Iraq to weaken local resistance forces and hit Axis supply lines to Lebanon and the Golan. This preparation is evident with the growing fears of an explosion of the Lebanese front and therefore the explosion of the Golan front.

According to Al Masirah correspondent in Hudaydah: “American-British aggression launched 4 raids at Hodeidah airport and one raid at Al-Jad Marsa in Al-Salif port targeting fishermen’s boats.”

The social sphere relating to northern Yemen is very active following the news that the Palestine missile is a solid fuel weapon believed to be faster than the speed of sound, targeting the coastal city of Eilat. The British Telegraph writes: “Fabian Haines, a weapons expert at the International Institute for Strategic Studies said that ‘While we cannot say with certainty which exact version the Palestine missile is compatible with, we can say with great certainty that it is of an advanced, precision-guided, solid-fuel missile.

The American website Media Line reports: “Solid-fuel hypersonic missiles, such as the “Palestine” missiles shown in Yemen, are technologically and materially complex missiles. It is unclear how Yemenis, in a poor country, could manage to produce such advanced missiles locally.

Iran’s mission to the United Nations told the Associated Press: “Yemen’s military might has grown since the start of the war, a fact rooted in the internal capacity and ingenuity of Yemenis.”

And now a look at the front line updated at 16:00 on 7 June.

Infiltrations were recorded in: Metulla, Maayan Baruch, Dafna, Tel Hai, Senir, Kibbutz Dan, Shaar Yishuv, Ghajar, Margaliot, Misgav Am, Beit Hillel, Manara, Kiryat Shmona, Hagoshrim, Kfar Giladi, Kfar Yuval.

Minister Gantz will give a speech tonight at 8.40pm local time and while in the settlements in northern Lebanon he stated: “Don’t complain about the present, the future is worse”. Gantz warns northern Israel of possible new attacks. As Hezbollah’s operations become more lethal every day, northern settlers accuse Netanyahu’s government of abandoning them.

Hezbollah’s latest attack exceeded 50 kilometers inside Israeli borders and, in terms of distance, is on the same line as the city of Haifa compared to the Lebanese borders. And this could pose a danger to Israeli defense.

Alert drones in the tip of the Galilee and on the border of the Israeli Golan Heights. According to social sources, in Galilee there were explosions in several villages in the territories of ’48.

The IDF reports sirens lit in Zar’it and have been activated several times in northern Israel. Overnight, IAF fighter jets struck Hezbollah military facilities in the Jabal Rezlane, Ramyeh and Kfarkela areas of southern Lebanon.

Israeli artillery targeted the village of Khiyam. Fires broke out between Deir Mimas and Kfarkila following Israeli phosphorus bombing.

Hezbollah suicide drone hits Qiryat Kleb. Property damage was caused. Further Israeli artillery attacks targeted the Kafarshouba Hills.

Hezbollah reports: “Hostile drone reconnaissance activity over the Tyre, Qasimiya and Bint Jbeil sectors south of the Litani River and the western Bekaa sector north of the Litani River in southern Lebanon.” A new wave of Israeli air raids is expected. Kafr Kanna hit.

Israeli security forces conduct a special operation in Jenin. A huge explosion was heard in Nazareth. On the morning of June 7, assault on the city of Nablus from the Deir Sharaf checkpoint with more than 12 jeeps.

The IDF explains in a press note: “The operational activity of the IDF continues throughout the Gaza Strip. IDF troops continue operational activities in the areas of Eastern Bureij and Eastern Deir al Balah. So far, troops have eliminated dozens of Hamas men, located tunnel shafts and destroyed Hamas infrastructure in the area. In one attack, the IAF eliminated the commander of a Hamas cell with missiles and mortars and another militiaman who fired at the troops.”

“In recent days, the Parachute Brigade has joined the operational activity and is now operating against Hamas targets in the area.”

IDF operations also in the Rafah area. “IDF troops continue targeted intelligence-based operations in the Rafah area. Over the past day, troops have located tunnel shafts and numerous weapons, including grenades, vests, cartridges and more.”

The government press office in Gaza says the mayor of Nuseirat was killed in an Israeli attack. The attacks by the Mujahideen Brigades continue against the “Third Eye” intelligence barracks in the “Gaza envelope” with a missile barrage.

The Al-Quds Brigades claim attack on the headquarters of the Gaza Division of the Israeli army at the “Ra’im” site with a missile salvo.

The Qassams claim attack against Israeli soldiers with a “TBG” projectile in the Deir al-Balah area. Helicopters were observed landing to evacuate them east of the city of Deir al-Balah, in the middle of the Gaza Strip.

Palestinian sources report deaths and injuries following the bombing by Israeli planes of a house belonging to the Al-Rafati family in Al-Maghazi camp, in the center of the Gaza Strip: 4 dead and six injured. The western area of ​​Rafah in the fishing port area was hit by Israeli planes.

Palestinian sources also report that east of Deir al-Balah, there are snipers present on top of buildings and shooting at anyone who moves.

In southern Gaza, Palestinian sources report six deaths after an Israeli bombing of a house in the town of Abasan al-Kabira, east of Khan Yunis. The Al-Nasser Salah al-Din Brigades target Israeli forces positioned on the “Netzarim” axis, south of Gaza city, with large-caliber mortar shells.

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