#ISRAELHAMASWAR. Rocket rain hits northern Israel. Houthis attack Greek ship


According to Palestinian sources, a senior American official said that “the exchange agreement and the ceasefire could have an impact on what is happening on the Lebanese-Israeli border.” “A ceasefire in Gaza is not enough, but agreements are needed on the border with Lebanon.”

According to Professor of Political Science at Cairo University, Hassan Nafaa, in a statement to the Shehab agency: “Biden’s initiative is a temporary truce agreement, not a permanent ceasefire, and this is in the interests of occupation (by Israel, ed.) and does not express the interest of the Palestinian people”. “This phase is extremely delicate and sensitive, there is no time to make concessions and the resistance must respect its conditions.”

 Israeli Minister Gideon Moshe Sa’ar attacks Netanyahu: “The war is not being managed properly, and in some respects it is not being managed at all, and Netanyahu bears full responsibility for the October 7 attack and must resign.”

Turkish authorities have announced that from July 1 they will increase the cost of ship transit through the Bosphorus by 15%. The naval blockade imposed by the Houthis in the Red Sea continues.

The British Maritime Trade Center said Houthis in Yemen attacked a cargo ship in the Red Sea on June 12 and were hit again because she became unable to move. The captain of a commercial ship on June 13 reports an explosion near the vessel he commands, 82 nautical miles northwest of Hodeidah, Yemen.

Late on June 12 in a statement from the Yemeni Armed Forces regarding the implementation of two joint military operations with the Iraqi Islamic Resistance, the first against a vital target in the city of Ashdod and the other against a major target in the city of Haifa reads: “A high-quality military operation was carried out against the TUTOR vessel in the Red Sea because the company that owns it violated the decision to ban entry into Israel’s ports.”

Confirmation of the attack on the TUTOR comes from the US army which confirmed that the Houthis have hit the Greek ship Tutor, which is damaged and is filling with water. The message noted that the vessel had recently been to Russia, but did not specify what type of cargo it was carrying.

Additionally, the US military said it destroyed three missile launchers in Yemen and intercepted a UAV launched in the Red Sea area.

On June 13, the Houthis announced the first hit of a target in the Red Sea by an unmanned vessel. Marine drone. According to American intelligence, at least 43 Houthi attacks have been recorded against ships in the Red Sea and the Gulf of Aden since November. At least 65 countries have been affected and 29 energy and shipping companies have changed their shipping routes.

On June 13th, as usual on Thursdays, there was a live television broadcast by the Commander of Ansar Allah, Abdul-Malik Badr al-Din al-Houthi: “The American ships escape and flee into the sea until they reach the edge of the Red Sea, including the “Eisenhower”, which escaped like others”. “The British economy is also in constant danger. The number of enemy raids in our country this week reached 22 raids in Hodeidah, Sanaa and Raymah governorates.”

Abdul-Malik Badr al-Din al-Houthi said: “The American-British aggression targeted the government compound in Al-Jabayn Buraimah district, killing two people and wounding 9 others. It targeted the government compound of Raymah, which is neither a missile base nor a military site, but rather a civilian administrative complex.” He threatened Saudi Arabia: “I advise the Saudi regime not to get involved against our country because we are in a war, which is not something new for us, and we have suffered greatly due to aggression for years. Any Saudi position at this time against our people is certainly a service to the Israeli enemy and support for it in obedience to America.”

According to al Houthis: “The number of targeted ships linked to Israeli, American and British enemies so far is 145. The spy network working for the Americans that has been dismantled is the most dangerous in the history of Yemen” There would be 368,196 soldiers mobilized from Yemen ready for operations. According to the Houthis, “11 operations were carried out in one week using 31 missiles and a drone”.

At the end of the information gathering, the Yemeni media report an American-British attack in the Al-Salif district in the Hodeidah governorate with 3 raids.

And now a look at the aggravation between Israel and Hamas updated at 5.30 pm on June 13.

The IDF continues exercises to increase readiness in the North Arena. Soldiers from the 4th Brigade Combat Team arrived at the exercise after a long period of activity in the Gaza Strip and soldiers from the 226th Brigade Combat Team after finishing defensive activity on the northern border.

The Commander of the Israeli 769th “Hiram” Brigade, stationed in Kiryat Shmona on 13 June, declared: «We have lost total control of the North, we have completely lost the initiative. Hezbollah determines the battle. They hit where they want to hit. Netanyahu must act NOW.”

According to Israeli media: sirens do not stop in the Golan and Safed, and information about missiles falling directly on Katzrin. Israeli defense systems failed to stop missile launches towards northern Israel.

Hezbollah told Al Jazeera: “Among our targets were the main IDF intelligence base in the northern region and the headquarters of the IDF 7th Regular Armored Brigade in the Golan.” “We launched a simultaneous attack on 15 IDF bases throughout the Galilee and the Golan Heights We targeted the sites with 30 explosive-laden drones and 150 rockets.

“This is our most comprehensive attack yet, and was carried out in response to the assassination of martyr Talib Abdullah.”

According to a Hezbollah statement on the afternoon of June 13: “We launched a joint missile and drone attack, targeting 6 IDF barracks and military sites with Katyusha and Al-Falaq missiles: Al-Zaoura Barracks; Kaila Barracks; Barracks Yoav; Katsavia Military Base; Nafah Military Base.

The statement further reads: “At the same time, with several waves of explosive drones, we targeted important IDF bases: David Base, headquarters of the IDF Northern Region Command; Mishar Base, IDF intelligence headquarters in the northern region; Katsavia Barracks, headquarters of the 7th Regular Armored Brigade of the 210th Golan Division”.

We are awaiting word from the IDF regarding any damage or response to the attacks.

Hezbollah Executive Council Chairman Said Hashem Safiye El Din said: “Our final and inevitable response in retaliation for the pure blood of our martyrs is that we will increase the intensity, power, quantity and quality of our operations and the enemy will see who the brothers and sons of Abu Talib are. If the enemy shouted and complained about what happened to him in the north, he should prepare for tears.”

In the West Bank, the demolition of houses by Israeli forces has begun in the city of Qabatiya, south of Jenin. Fire was also opened on those filming the demolition of houses. A Hamas man killed.

An IDF statement reads that “IDF troops continue to operate against Hamas infrastructure and men in the Gaza Strip. IDF troops continue targeted intelligence-based operations in the Rafah area. Over the last day, troops conducted targeted raids in the area, located weapons and eliminated several Hamas men in close encounters. During one of the operations, IDF troops used a drone to identify and target an armed Hamas man. Subsequently, an IAF aircraft struck the facility where Hamas was operating. Furthermore, the IAF hit a launch site containing rockets ready to launch from the Rafah area towards Israel.”

Furthermore, IDF troops continue to operate in the central Gaza Strip. Last day, troops eliminated more than ten Hamas men, including one who took part in the October 7 massacre in southern Israel.

The IAF struck and dismantled over 45 Hamas targets across the Gaza Strip, including military facilities, armed Hamas cells, rocket launchers, tunnels and additional terrorist infrastructure.

A Hamas fighter has died after artillery shelling in the town of Al-Mughraqa, north of Nuseirat camp in the center of the Gaza Strip.

The Al-Qassam Brigades claim mortar attacks by Israeli forces penetrating east of the Al-Zaytoun neighborhood, south of Gaza city. The al-Qassam also target the command and control rooms of the “Netzarim” axis with large-caliber mortar shells.

The Al-Quds Brigades claim attack against the Israeli military around the “Karam Abu Salem” site and the “Soufa military site” east of the city of Rafah with a barrage of heavy mortar shells.

Martyr Omar Al-Qasim’s Forces claim attack on Israeli soldiers and military vehicles with shots of mortar in the Taqaddum axis, in the middle of the Shaboura camp, in the city of Rafah, south of the Gaza Strip. In response, Israeli tanks fire shots and projectiles in the eastern areas of the city of Khan Yunis, south of the Gaza Strip.

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