#ISRAELHAMASWAR. Rafah, operation nearing completion. Operation Guardian of Prosperity in the Red Sea fails


The IDF in a statement wrote: “The commander of the Southern Command in an assessment of the situation in Rafah reported that the plan is clear for the future, we will continue to move forward until we achieve our objectives”

The commanding officer of the Southern Command, General Yaron Finkelman, held a situation assessment in Rafah last Wednesday with the commanding officer of the 162nd Division, General Itzik Cohen and other commanders. Finkelman spoke to troops on the ground from the Givati, 401st and Commando Brigade Combat Teams and praised them for their effective, precise, intelligence-based and targeted operational work to counter Hamas men and Hamas infrastructure and allied militias in the Rafah area.

From Commander Finkelman’s remarks: “The plan is clear for the future. With the quality of the troops and the quality of the commanders here, we will continue to move forward until we achieve our objectives here. They are clear to you, you are achieving them, with many successes, through change, learning, personal example and the determination to move forward.”

In the Red Sea, things are not going according to plan. Against the backdrop of regular Houthi attacks against various merchant ships in the area, with drones, missiles and BECs, the United States infamously announced that “Operation Guardian of Prosperity, which was supposed to force the Houthis to stop attacks against associated vessels to Israel, it is failing.”

The attacks not only did not stop, but they intensified. Their performance is increasing. The Houthis’ attack tools are constantly expanding: they started with drones, moved on to missiles of various types, and now BECs are actively being introduced into attacks on ships transiting the Red Sea.

The reach of the Houthi attacks has extended to the Indian Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea. The risk area is increasing, which already affects the routes of merchant ships. The US AUG was forced to withdraw from the coast of Yemen after attacks directed against it. The United States and Great Britain are trying to hide the possible consequences of attacks on warships off the coast of Yemen.

Ship traffic connected to the United States, Great Britain and Israel through the Suez Canal has been steadily declining. Promises to protect them with warships do not reduce the risks.

Israel’s economy is suffering billions of dollars in systemic damage due to the ripple effects of the Houthi attacks, which have forced many shipowners to send ships through the Cape of Good Hope rather than through the Suez Canal.

The Houthis, in fact, during the Guardian of Prosperity operation, established a regime of passage permits off the coast of Yemen, implemented by some shipowners who publicly declare that they have no relations with Israel. Frightened by the Houthis’ actions, some countries in the US-dependent region actually refused to support direct US strikes against the Houthis, fearing that Houthi missile attacks in response would be very painful.

Overall, the Houthis are successfully achieving strategic and tactical objectives, while the US and Britain are clearly failing. The last ship hit in chronological order is the Verbena. “The Ukrainian merchant ship “VERBENA” was hit off the coast of Yemen. The ship was hit at least twice,” according to Houthi statements and monitoring channels.

Antonio Albanese e Graziella Giangiulio

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