#ISRAELHAMASWAR. Propaganda, weapons and fighting. Hezbollah turns to documentary production to present itself to the world


Passed over in silence in Italy, Hezbollah’s short documentary for al Manar TV should be carefully viewed by the competent authorities and give rise to a broad debate in the media as well. Because such skill in filming and the weapons used show no longer an armed group but paramilitary militias with the capacity of some army units.

On July 5, Hezbollah published a new short documentary for Al-Manar TV that talks about its artillery units. Artillery units that today in 2024 include Katyusha (RS-132) rockets and several types of MRLS, demonstrating the group’s move towards consolidated missile brigades using ballistic and cruise missiles.

The images of the documentary, which are part of the beautiful propaganda of the Lebanese group led by Hassan Nasrallah, had many details, among the images that are worth commenting are those of the massive Ridwan parade in Syria in 2016 showing the different systems in the artillery units of the resistence. Many of those who were present in that march are fighting today on the Lebanese border.

The series then shows training and simulations by artillery units on various systems for the first time. It includes mortars, 107mm rockets, 122mm artillery, 152mm artillery and more and concludes by showing several hidden MRLS systems with hydraulics to lift them out from under the ground.

In the short documentary you can see Hezbollah’s disposable rocket launchers in southern Lebanon: they are made of concrete and fixed. If lost after use, the cost is negligible.

In the video, the intelligence units can still be seen at work. In fact, footage of Hezbollah’s combat intelligence unit responsible for providing information and coordinates for the attacks was also released. The information is transmitted to a command center which issues orders for an attack

And like any preview of a larger documentary the sequence ends with an interview with an artillery unit commander.

Antonio Albanese e Graziella Giangiulio

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