#ISRAELHAMASWAR. Palestine yes but with a distinction. The US wants to sanction the ICC. The bodies of three other hostages recovered. The operation on Rafah continues


The International Court of Justice orders Israel to stop its military attack on Rafah, with the approval of 13 of its members against 2. The President of the International Court of Justice, Judge Nawaf Salam says: “The Court considers the military attack in Rafah a dangerous development that increases the suffering of the population. Israel must refrain from any action that poses a threat to the Palestinians.” “We underlined the legitimacy of South Africa’s claims regarding the right of Palestinians in Gaza to be protected from acts of genocide. Israel’s measures, especially towards civilians, are not sufficient to reduce the risks they face. ”Israel must immediately stop its military attack on Rafah. Israel must stop its military operations and any other actions in Rafah.”

“To preserve evidence, Israel must ensure that investigators have free access to Gaza and Israel must submit a report to the Court within one month on the steps it intends to take.” 

The High Representative of the European Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy Josep Borrell states: “The recognition of a Palestinian state is not a gift to Hamas.” Borrell also calls on Israel not to intimidate or threaten ICC judges, whose prosecutor has called for arrest warrants to be issued against Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his Defense Minister Yoav Galant and Hamas leader Ismāʿīl Haniyeh on charges of having committed war crimes.

The statements of Yolanda Díaz, Minister of Labor and second Spanish Deputy Prime Minister were stronger: “We cannot stop here. Palestine will be free, from the river to the sea.” Taking up the slogan of Hamas. 

The United States is considering sanctions against the ICC. Israeli Housing Minister Rabbi Yitzchak Goldknopf said at the Gaza Strip border: “Voices in favor of recognizing a Palestinian state have grown increasingly louder in recent days. We don’t want to control the people of Gaza, but we also don’t want to live next to a state made up of people and animals.”

On May 23, the Israeli army spokesman reported that an air force plane bombed and killed Muhammad Ali Nasser Farran, responsible for the production and weapons infrastructure of the Hezbollah organization in southern Lebanon. In recent years, Muhammad Ali Nasser Farran has been involved in the production of strategic weapons. It is an exclusive Hezbollah activity, and some of the infrastructure it was responsible for in southern Lebanon has been targeted in recent months. This assassination falls within the framework of the actions of the Israeli army and security forces aimed at damaging the growth of the Hezbollah organization through weapons and means of combat aimed at damaging the Israeli depth.

On May 24, the IDF and ISA brought home the bodies of hostages Hanan Yablonka, Michel Nisenbaum and Orion Hernandez. The three were kidnapped on October 7. During the night, Canale 13 states that the mandate granted to the negotiating team was expanded during the war cabinet meeting.

Jordan, Germany and Egypt announce the implementation of food landing operations at a number of sites in the southern Gaza Strip.

The US military announced on May 23 a clash with 4 drones launched from Yemen towards the Red Sea. The Yemenitio spoke in a statement of three attacks against three ships in the Red Sea, the Arabian Sea and the Mediterranean Sea. 

Shipping company Maersk has told its customers it will impose additional charges starting in June and said it expects shipping disruptions in the Red Sea to continue until the third quarter of 2024.

And now a look at the front line updated at 3.30pm on May 24th

School students in the city of Sidon organize a protest after several of their classmates were injured in a raid carried out by the Israeli air force near Nabatieh, in southern Lebanon. The sirens also sounded on May 25th in both northern and southern Israel. 

According to the IDF: Two suspected air targets approaching the city of Eilat from the east were successfully intercepted by IAF fighter jets. The targets did not enter Israeli territory and no sirens were sounded according to protocol.

Hezbollah claims suicide drone attack on the headquarters of the 769th brigade of the Israeli army in Kiryat Shmona barracks. The headquarters houses its officers’ offices and the communications unit building. Israeli media reported two drones, one of which was intercepted and the other hit a building in Kiryat Shmona. No casualties. The IDF version is the following: “Following the sirens that sounded in northern Israel regarding an infiltration by hostile aircraft, two UAVs were identified in transit from Lebanese territory. IAF fighter jets successfully intercepted one of the UAVs and the other crashed in Kiryat Shmona area. No injuries were reported.”

An explosion followed by fire is reported in Safed, Israel. According to local media and social media accounts, two Patriot air defense missiles were fired at missiles launched by the Islamic resistance aimed at Haifa. 

Two of the four Patriot air defense missiles malfunctioned, made a U-turn and exploded on the ground. They reportedly attempted to intercept a cruise missile coming from Iraq. The Iraqi resistance released a statement announcing that they had targeted the port of Haifa with suicide drones. This would have primed Israeli air defenses in Safed. No statement yet from the Israeli army.

Earlier, an Israeli airstrike was reported in the village of Maroun Al-Ras, on the border with Lebanon. New Israeli airstrikes reported in the villages of Kafrkila and Odaiseh.

At 3.35pm on May 24, Islamic resistance militias targeted spy equipment at the Bayad Blida site, which according to Islamic resistance sources had been destroyed.

Starting in the late afternoon of May 23, the IDF struck airstrikes at a series of Hezbollah targets in southern Lebanon, including military facilities in the areas of Ayta ash Shab and Rab El Thalathine, along with a military facility and two observation posts. of Hezbollah in the Odaisseh area.

Three US Army soldiers were slightly injured while operating on a floating dock in the Gaza Strip. The report emphasizes that they were not injured in the battle or following a security incident.

A huge fire broke out as Israeli occupation raids continued in Jabalya camp, north of Gaza. An IDF statement reads: “The IDF continues operational activity in Jabaliya, in the north of the Gaza Strip. During targeted raids against Hamas infrastructure in the area, troops eliminated dozens of terrorists and destroyed launch sites and underground tunnel shafts. Troops also located numerous weapons including explosive devices, mortar shells, AK-47 rifles, sniper rifles and more.”

According to the correspondent of Al-Mayadeen newspaper close to Hezbollah in Gaza there were “5 dead and several injured in the attack against a residential apartment of the Al-Ayoubi family in Al-Ma’am Street, in the heart of the Daraj neighborhood in Gaza City . According to the same journalist: “Israeli gunboats fire projectiles on the coast of Gaza City”. 

The Al-Qassam Brigades claim killings of a group of Israeli forces with large-caliber mortar shells in the “Netzarim” axis, south of Gaza City.

IDF activity also continues in the center of the Gaza Strip, where on May 22 a Hamas cell that fired projectiles at IDF soldiers was eliminated in a joint attack by air and ground forces. At the same time, a number of enemy observers identified near the IDF forces were eliminated by air and tank fire. In another activity, a Hamas man who had fired mortar shells at the soldiers was eliminated.

According to social media sources close to Hezbollah: “A series of Israeli raids were carried out east of the city of Rafah along with artillery bombardments.” IDF troops continue operations against targets in the Rafah area. During the last day, as part of searches in the area, troops destroyed weapons depots, as well as tunnels and other terrorist infrastructure.

Settlers bulldoze land in Jalud, south of Nablus, have razed areas of land in the town of Jalud, south-east of Nablus, in the occupied West Bank.

The Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades – Nablus: We were engaged in fierce clashes with enemy soldiers and vehicles who assaulted the Balata camp from different fronts with machine guns and explosive devices. Finally we learn that Israeli forces storm the city of Al-Ram, east of Jerusalem.

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