#ISRAELHAMASWAR. Nikki Haley signs bullets against Hezbollah. Houthis: 9 maritime operations since the fourth phase of the escalation against Israel began. Ambush in Rafah: three soldiers killed


Nikki Haley, visited Israel’s northern border and signed Israeli-launched projectiles: “Finish them. America loves Israel.” Haley also visited the West Bank. Haley also said in an interview with Ariel Kahane of Israel Today: “Russia provided information to Hamas.” And the Russian Embassy in Israel commented: “once again an American politician spreads lies and ridiculous accusations without any evidence.”

From the United States comes news that State Department official Stacey Gilbert has resigned in protest at the US State Department’s “lies” that Tel Aviv has not stopped humanitarian aid from reaching the Gaza Strip.

According to CNN, US-made munitions were used in an attack on a camp for displaced people in Rafah over the weekend. US Vice President Kamala Harris commented on Israel’s attacks: “The word tragic doesn’t even begin to describe” the Israeli airstrike that triggered the fire that killed 45 people.

Mexico yesterday asked the International Court of Justice to join the case against Israel over the genocide in the Gaza Strip. While Algeria’s ambassador and permanent representative to the United Nations announced that her country will present a draft resolution to the world body calling for an end to the killings in Rafah, south of the war-ravaged Gaza Strip.

According to Iranian sources: “The former director of Mossad, Israel’s national intelligence agency, allegedly threatened the chief prosecutor of the International Criminal Court (ICC) in a series of secret meetings aimed at pushing her to abandon a war crimes investigation”.

The Danish Parliament votes against the law to recognize the Palestinian state.

Irish Foreign Minister Micheál Martin to Politico: “For the first time in an EU meeting, in a real way, I saw a meaningful discussion about sanctions [against Israel] and ‘what if’,” [this regime stops the armed forces operations against Rafah]. Ireland has officially recognized the State of Palestine and announced that it will maintain full diplomatic relations between Dublin and Ramallah and will appoint an ambassador to the Palestinian government.

The Greek government has announced that it will deport nine foreign students arrested during pro-Palestinian demonstrations at the Athens Faculty of Law. Of the 28 arrested, nine are citizens of Britain and other European countries and have been declared “undesirable aliens” who pose a threat to public order and national security.

Israel delivered on May 29 to the United States, Qatar and Egypt an updated proposal for the exchange of Hamas hostages, which could lead to a temporary ceasefire – Israeli media.

Hezbollah Secretary General Hassan Nasrallah strongly condemned new Israeli attacks in the southern Gaza city of Rafah, saying “the crimes will accelerate the fall of Israel.”

Saudi sources report the death of at least three Saudi soldiers in the border areas with Yemen. The Iranian Tasnim news agency reported that Iran has supplied Qader-type anti-ship missiles to the Houthis in Yemen, “which pose a serious challenge to the regional interests of the United States and Israel.” Meanwhile on the Houthi social sphere it was posted a new video of an American Reaper shot down in Marib. In a statement by the Yemeni Armed Forces on the implementation of six military operations as part of the fourth phase of escalation against six ships that violated the ban on the passage of ships to the ports of Israel updated to May 29.

“Three military operations in the Red Sea, the first targeted a ship (LAAX) which was directly hit and severely damaged, thank God. The second operation targeted the ship (MOREA) and the third operation targeted targeting the ship (Sealady). The three operations were carried out with a series of naval and ballistic missiles and drones.” “The armed forces carried out two military operations against American ships (Alba) and (Maersk Hartford) in the Arabian Sea, using a series of missiles and drones.”

“The sixth military operation targeted the ship (MINERVA ANTONIA) in the Mediterranean Sea with a series of missiles, and all of the above-mentioned ships were targeted for violating the decision to ban access to Israel’s ports.

And now a look at the front between Israel and Hamas updated at 4.30pm on May 29th.

Since the early hours of the morning, the IDF has been reporting sirens in action in northern Israel. According to Israel Today, there are infiltrations between the camps and shootings between Israeli soldiers and Hezbollah men near the border with Israel. Hezbollah men fired on an Israeli army position in the north.

The Al-Qassam Brigades opened fire on the Israeli settlement of Bat Hefer on May 29. According to Israeli sources there were no victims on its territory. Security has been strengthened for school transport in the village. The Israel Defense Forces have not yet responded to the shelling.

Hezbollah targets Israeli army positions in northern Israel particularly against bases equipped with reconnaissance and data detection systems. The Hezbollah statement said: “Hezbollah fighters in Lebanon carried out a large-scale operation targeting several Israeli military bases in northern Israel with missiles and rockets.” A drone exploded in the Upper Galilee region.

The IDF stated that “a short time ago, the IDF air defense team intercepted a suspicious air target off the coast of Rosh HaNikra. No alarms were triggered according to protocol. On May 28, launches were identified from Lebanon towards the Shtula area in northern Israel. IDF artillery hit the fire sources. The sirens over the Shtula settlement sounded three times.

Overnight, IAF fighter jets struck a military facility where Hezbollah terrorists operated in the Naqoura area, as well as Hezbollah terrorist infrastructure in the Ramyeh and At Tiri areas of southern Lebanon. The IDF also informs that the Golani Brigade has completed a series of exercises as part of its preparation for the fighting in the north.

The soldiers of the Golani Brigade have been engaged in a defensive operation on the northern border for about four months, during which they have been stationed on the front line of defense, carrying out ambushes and patrolling the fence and striking Hezbollah terrorists at the border.

In recent weeks, battalions of the Golani Brigade Combat Team have participated in exercises that have improved the Brigade’s preparedness for a northern combat scenario.

The brigade’s soldiers trained to take over targets along land routes that simulated Lebanon, and brought their lessons and operational experience gained during operations in the Gaza Strip to the exercise.

The scenarios, among other things, tested the force’s ability to deal with enemy anti-tank missiles, handle explosives and expose them during operations, fire quickly and counter terrorists with the help of accurate intelligence. In addition, they practiced evacuation of the wounded in complex conditions.

The exercises were conducted simultaneously with ongoing defense operations in response to real-time events in the north.

The head of Israel’s National Security Council has said that Israeli military operations in the Gaza Strip will last at least another seven months.

In a statement the IDF wrote: “IDF troops in Jabaliya located weapons near a mosque, raided and destroyed rocket launch facilities and eliminated a Hamas man armed with an RPG”.

“The 7th Brigade Combat Team, made up of armored, engineer, paratrooper and Givati ​​infantry battalions, is fighting in the heart of Jabaliya in a dense area, trying to eliminate Hezbollah men and operating on terrorist infrastructure in the area.” Wells and tunnels destroyed in the area.

Israeli tanks have entered central Rafah for the first time in several weeks. According to the IDF spokesperson: “It is possible that Hamas munitions caused the explosion that caused a fire in the Rafah tent city.” According to sources close to Hamas: “IDF attacks caused a fire to break out in humanitarian facilities east of Rafah.”

The IDF reported the deaths of three sergeants from the 50th battalion of the Nahal Brigade. “On May 28 we went out to clear buildings and infrastructure in the area of ​​the Dahaniya district, south-east of Rafah, not far from the crossing itself.” “When entering one of the buildings, a powerful explosive device exploded, part of the building collapsed, causing the death of the personnel.”

At least 20 dead according to Iranian sources in the new Israeli attack on the Rafah tent city. Gazans continue their exodus from Rafah and return to the Khan Yunis area.

According to Palestinian sources, the Israeli army targeted a humanitarian aid depot in Rafah. Tanks and other armored vehicles with Machine guns were spotted near the Al-Auda mosque, a landmark in the city center.

According to Israeli Army Radio, “details of the ambush suffered by the 50th battalion of the Nahal brigade in Rafah, where forces entered a building from which an anti-tank missile was fired at vehicles. When the forces entered, an explosive device placed inside the building was detonated, causing its collapse, killing 3 soldiers and injuring 5. The conditions of 3 of them are serious.” Israeli media reported that total Israeli army casualties on May 28 in the Gaza Strip were 3 dead and 12 wounded, 7 of which were described as serious. The Qassam claimed “a number of Israeli soldiers who were barricaded inside a house were hit with a “TBG” anti-personnel missile in the Al-Shoka area, east of the city of Rafah, south of the Gaza Strip”.

Clashes and ambushes are reported in all directions of Rafah. The Qassam also claim responsibility for the May 29 “explosion of a hand grenade against a force of 15 occupation soldiers, leaving them dead and injured in the area of ​​the Al-Fedayi stadium in the Al-Tanour neighborhood, east of the city of Rafah”.

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