#ISRAELHAMASWAR. Lebanon, clash ever closer. The situation in Gaza is not stabilising. Clashes in the West Bank


Tension is rising on the border with Lebanon with political declarations that conflict with each other from hour to hour. The Israeli aerospace executive: “In case of attack, we have an apocalyptic weapon.” An unusual statement from Yair Katz, chairman of the aerospace industry works council, which, according to several sources, produces the Jericho missiles carrying nuclear weapons: “We have weapons that break the equation.” He also observed that “the Americans, the English and the Germans help us from an intelligence point of view. Their help is important, we have seen it in the example of the Iranians.”

The Haaretz newspaper published a statement by Defense Minister Yoav Gallant who made it clear that he prefers a political solution to the war, a preference shared by all Israelis who want their loved ones now prisoners back and for the inhabitants of the north to return to their homes.

A Lebanese military expert says US intervention in a possible Israeli war against Lebanon would drag other countries onto the battlefield to fight alongside the Lebanese front.

Iran’s permanent representative to the United Nations warned that “a devastating war will begin if Israel launches a comprehensive military attack on Lebanon.”

From social accounts close to Hezbollah we learn that the US Navy amphibious assault ship LHD 1 Wasp with Marines on board is deployed in the eastern Mediterranean to act as a deterrent and provide the US military with options for tensions between Hezbollah and Israel along the border with Lebanon continues to grow.

The Israeli government has confirmed that Danny Danon will become the next permanent representative to the United Nations.

Statements on the situation in Gaza are also conflicting: some Israeli newspapers reported over the past weekend that Israel will soon announce the end of the war in Gaza. But there will be no retreat nor will the attacks be stopped.

Over the weekend, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu discussed with senior IDF officials the end of the Rafah operation and the dramatic change in the way the war is being waged. According to military experts, Israel is ready to change the ground offensive with targeted raids and air activity to fight Hamas. On the morning of July 1, however, the Israeli Prime Minister announced that he will continue the war in the Gaza Strip until the destruction of the Palestinian resistance movement, Hamas.

The Israeli Broadcasting Corporation reports that the director of the Shifa compound was released along with others arrested during the war in Gaza because the prisons were full. Itamar Ben-Gvir lamented the release of the director of Al-Shifa hospital and dozens of other saboteurs as negligence in terms of security. Palestinian media instead criticized the Israeli government for torturing prisoners.

The Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) and the Israel Security Agency (Shin Bet/Shabak) have warned Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s cabinet of the repercussions of a new decision to build more illegal settlements in the West Bank.

International Court of Justice: Spain has submitted a declaration of intervention in the case relating to the application of the Convention for the Prevention of the Crime of Genocide in Gaza and the resulting sanctions. The US House of Representatives voted Thursday to ban the State Department from using international affairs budget funds to cite data on the number of Palestinians killed by Israel in Gaza.

The Palestinian Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) has denounced a new “post-war Gaza plan” proposed by Israeli Military Affairs Minister Yoav Gallant as a delusional fantasy arising from regime bankruptcy.

The head of Turkey’s National Intelligence Organization (MIT), Ibrahim Kılın, had a telephone conversation with Hamas Politburo Chairman Ismail Haniyeh. During the conversation, the negotiation process for a ceasefire agreement in the Gaza Strip and its details were discussed. Adviser to the head of the Hamas political bureau Taher al-Nunu reiterated four principles for reaching possible agreements with the Zionist regime in the context of the ongoing war in the Gaza Strip. Points that Israel has already rejected.

And now a look at the conflictual aspects that revolve around the Israel – Hamas issue updated at 4.00 pm on July 1st.

The US military carried out four airstrikes near Hodeidah airport over the weekend. An explosion was also heard on July 1st, its origin is not currently known. US Central Command said it destroyed seven aircraft and ground control stations belonging to the Houthis in Yemen over the weekend. On July 1, the US military said it had destroyed three more unmanned Houthi ships in the Red Sea.

According to Israeli media, the Saudi defense minister will travel to China to ask it to mediate between his country and the Houthis, saying the kingdom is ready to make concessions

At the media level, the Houthis showed a new explosive boat with suicide operators and a warhead weighing 1,000-1,500 kg.

The expansion of the US Navy naval group in the Mediterranean continues: after the UDC LHD 1 Wasp, the control ship LCC 20 Mount Whitney and the amphibious transport dock LPD 21 New York have entered the Mediterranean Sea.

According to a statement from the Yemeni military: “A network of spies working for American and Israeli intelligence agencies, captured by Yemeni security forces, admitted that the American embassy in Sana’a served as a spy nest for the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA).

One IDF soldier was seriously injured and 17 others were slightly injured after being hit by a UAV in the Golan Heights on June 30. The Israeli army spokesman confirmed that 18 Israeli soldiers were injured following a drone explosion in the Golan Heights today.

On June 30, Israel attacked the villages of Kafarshouba, Kfarkila and Mays al-Jabal in southern Lebanon with artillery. On the same day, local accounts reported Israeli air strikes in Markaba and Aita al-Shaab. No casualties. A drone dropped bombs in Hula. No casualties.

On July 1, a huge fire broke out in a plastic factory in Damour, southern Lebanon. The reasons appear to be non-military in nature.

On the night of July 1st, red alert was issued in the Metulla area in northern Israel. On the morning of July 1, sirens sound in Kiryat Shmona and surrounding settlements.

The Iraqi Islamic Resistance has targeted a target in Umm al-Rashrash, Eilat, using drones, and the Islamic Resistance confirms it will continue to destroy Israeli strongholds.

At midnight on June 30, Hezbollah claimed responsibility for the following attacks: against Beit Hilal barracks with a Falaq rocket; Branit barracks with a Burkan rocket; A house in the Metulla settlement; A military target in the Syrian Golan for the first time. Regarding the latter, the Israeli army acknowledged that suicide drones were hit in the area. Hezbullah’s attack on the Golan Heights targeted Rawya’s base, its headquarters and soldiers’ quarters. According to Hezbollah sources, the drone swarm caused over 21 injuries, of which at least 3 were in serious to critical conditions. The base is located about 15 km from Lebanon. In total there were 9 claims.

According to Israeli media, one soldier was killed and 10 others were injured following the explosion of a tunnel in the Gaza Strip. Israeli Army Radio reported sirens sounding continuously in the Gaza Strip, while around 20 rockets were fired towards the Eshkol area.

Al-Quds Brigades report attack on “Kissufim”, “Third Eye”, “Nirim”, “Soufa”, “Hulit” and settlements in the Gaza Strip on the mainland. With missile launch.

Israeli artillery shelling targeted the eastern neighborhoods of Al-Shuja’iya and Al-Tuffah in Gaza City. In response, the Al-Quds Brigades report a barrage of regular mortar fire against Israeli soldiers and vehicles in the Al-Shuja’iya neighborhood, east of Gaza City.

The al-Qassam brigades also report being engaged in violent close-range clashes with Israeli forces in the Al-Shujaiya area. Two Israeli soldiers reportedly died in the clashes.

The Al-Qassam Brigades also targeted Israeli command rooms on the “Netzarim” axis with short-range 114 mm “Rajoum” missiles.

The forces of martyr Omar Al-Qasim, linked to Hamas, targeted Israeli forces penetrating the “Kaf Al-Mashrou” area, east of the city of Rafah, south of the Gaza Strip, with mortar fire. Qassam ambush on July 1 against the IDF in a booby-trapped house that was used in the recent sniper operation east of the city of Rafah.

Israeli bombings recorded northwest of Rafah. Israeli evacuation helicopters land at Rafah in conjunction with the shooting towards the eastern areas of Rafah.

Two dead and one injured following an Israeli artillery bombardment against the city of Khuza’a, east of the city of Khan Yunis, in the southern Gaza Strip.

All Hamas-affiliated militias present in Tulkarem and in the axes of the city are engaged in continuous and violent armed clashes with the Israeli army forces, causing casualties among the ranks of the Israeli forces stationed in Al-Sikka Street, detonating explosive devices.

Israeli sniper is stationed on the fifth floor, scouting the entire Tulkarem camp, especially the club district, the airport, Al-Rabaya. Palestinian accounts report danger near the Al-Hamdullah building and Nablus Street, as the sniper is scouting the entire area.

Youths target Israeli vehicles with stones during the assault on the town of Tal, south of Nablus.

According to the Commission for Ex-Prisoners’ Affairs and the Palestinian Prisoners’ Club: Israeli occupation forces have arrested at least 16 West Bank citizens, including a student from Birzeit University, as well as children and former prisoners, since last night until Monday morning. Five Gaza residents living in the West Bank as patient companions were also arrested, including two women.

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