#ISRAELHAMASWAR. Israeli army ready for combat for operation in Lebanon. Bombings in northern Gaza. Arrests in the West Bank


On March 8, Joe Biden, President of the United States, spoke to the American Congress and regarding Israel and Palestine he declared: “A two-state solution is the only real solution to the conflict in the Middle East”. The president also announced the creation of a temporary port in Gaza to deliver humanitarian aid to the enclave by sea.

“Israel must allow large volumes of aid to flow into Gaza and ensure that aid workers are not caught in the crossfire.” And again the president reports: “To the leadership of Israel I say the following, humanitarian assistance cannot be considered a secondary issue or used as a bargaining chip.” “Protecting and preserving the lives of innocent people must be a priority. And the only real solution is a two-state solution. There is no other way to guarantee Israel’s security and democracy. There is no other way to guarantee peace and dignity for the Palestinians. There is no other way to ensure peace between Israel and all its Arab neighbors, including Saudi Arabia.”

CIA Director William Burns flew to Doha yesterday to continue contacts on the agreement between Israel and Hamas. According to Walla columnist Barak Ravid, the US administration is working to reach an agreement before the start of Ramadan.

Establishing a sea route to Gaza will take several weeks, according to a senior Biden administration official, which President Biden will announce in his State of the Union address. The United States is also seeking to increase the number of land crossings “to flood Gaza with humanitarian aid to all parts of the Strip.”

And while Biden was speaking to Congress there was a cyber attack on US government websites, including the Department of Homeland Security just as he was speaking on Gaza

Still on the subject of aid, according to Agence France-Presse, quoting the president of the European Commission: “Next Sunday the maritime corridor for humanitarian aid from Cyprus to Gaza will be inaugurated”.

The Palestinian presidency expresses “satisfaction” with what was stated in President Biden’s speech regarding the Israeli aggression against the Gaza Strip and the two-state solution, says the Authority’s official agency. And they remember on Women’s Day that since the beginning of the aggression in the Gaza Strip, the occupation has killed more than 9,000 Palestinian women

While the United Nations Special Rapporteur on human rights in Palestine specified that: “The situation on the ground in the Gaza Strip is extremely terrible; International humanitarian law was ignored in the Gaza Strip; Nothing can be avoided now in the Gaza Strip due to the atrocities we are witnessing.”

The United Nations Humanitarian Coordinator in Gaza reported: “We discussed the importance of opening more crossings into Gaza, while stressing that aid drops are not sufficient to meet the needs of the Strip. Land supply routes must be diversified because airdrops or attempts to create a port will not help the people of Gaza. An immediate ceasefire is needed and the international community must provide aid and protection to the Gaza Strip. There are no alternative routes to land crossings that can meet the needs of humanitarian aid from the Gaza Strip. We must open more land crossings to deliver aid to the Gaza Strip and facilitate inspection and passage procedures. I have no words to alleviate the suffering of the mothers of Gaza, but we will work day and night to support them.”

Women’s demonstration in support of Gaza dispersed in Egypt. While the social sphere is invaded by videos of humanitarian aid blocked at the Rafah crossing.

Thousands of people demonstrate in Irbid, in northern Jordan in support of the Gaza Strip and in refusal of the airlift in which Jordan is participating to deliver goods that end up in Israel. The Jordanian army said that they carried out 9 airdrops bringing aid in Gaza in collaboration with Egypt, America, the Netherlands and Belgium. There would be the first deaths due to humanitarian aid drops without parachutes in the Gaza Strip.

In Israel, the Israeli Army Chief of Staff has ordered the preparation of plans for a ground operation against Hezbollah in Lebanon.

On the Ansarallah front, the Finnish government announced the dispatch of 7 Finnish soldiers to participate in the operation against the Houthis in the Red Sea. In Sanaa and throughout northern Yemen, crowds took to the streets to demonstrate in favor of Gaza as requested by the leader of the revolution Abdul Malik al Houti.

And now a look at the situation between Israel Hamas updated at 3.30pm on March 8th.

On the night of March 7, the Iraqi Islamic Resistance claimed responsibility for an attack on the Israeli airport of Rosh Pinna.

Israeli artillery shelling targets the outskirts of the towns of Hula in southern Lebanon. In response, Hezbollah fires rockets in the Shtoula area of the Western Galilee.

On March 8, renewed Israeli air bombardments in northern Gaza. Particularly in the areas of Jabalia and Beit Lahia, Sheikh Zayed City, the hilly area of Qalibo; while the Al-Aqsa Martyrs’ Brigades publish a video documenting the attack on a group of Israeli soldiers near the Erez site, in the north of the Gaza Strip, with a series of normal 60 caliber mortar shells. Two missiles anti-personnel fire from Qassams fired via a drone on an Israeli army headquarters east of Beit Hanoun.

Renewed clashes in southern Gaza: ambush against 6 soldiers by the Israeli army inside one of the residential apartments Hamad Town, north of the city of Khan Yunis, south of the Gaza Strip. In response, Israeli artillery hit various areas of the city of Khan Yunis.

In the West Bank, Israeli forces storm the city of Ain Arik, west of Ramallah. The Israeli army killed former prisoner Muhammad Adel Al-Shalabi from the city of Silat Al-Harithiya / Jenin, after surrounding his house. Israeli security services are besieging the Tulkarem camp in the city of Tulkarem. Israeli forces storm the Singer area in the city of Dura, south of Hebron, in the West Bank.

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