#ISRAELHAMASWAR. Israel – Hamas: Before the urban war, cultural hatred must be stopped


The clash between Israel and Hamas – Hezbollah and other militias is not just about weapons, shots, ambushes and bombings. Behind the scenes there are fears, insecurities, prejudice, greed, politics and power pulling the strings.

In this complex maze of joints which resembles an inverted Indra’s network we have on one side an Israeli minister, the minister of the “Nuclear Bomb” who once again raises controversy with the appeal to occupy Sinai. We are talking about Israeli Heritage Minister Amihai Ben-Eliyahu who in recent days republished an invitation to purchase a T-shirt with the slogan “Occupation Now” and printed with what is supposed to be a map of Israel including the West Bank, Gaza and Sinai. And like him, government representatives who praise hatred and strong-arm tactics and on the other side we have at least 176 families waiting to see a loved one again or have a body back to bury who demonstrate every day in places of power asking for an end to the war and the signing of agreements.

On the one hand there is the scandal of the prisoners with a minister, Ben Gvir, who is asking for the death penalty, on the other there are political personalities from the world of culture who are asking for investigations to be opened and even the military themselves are asking for new structures because the prisons they explode.

On the other side of the fence things are no better. On the one hand we read the statements released by the National Meeting of Palestinian Tribes, Clans and Families: “In light of the urgent circumstances that the Palestinian people are going through and in light of the creative chaos that is sweeping the streets of the Gaza Strip, planned by Israeli enemy. We confirm the following:

1. The prohibition of internal strife and the shedding of Palestinian blood. 2. It is prohibited to harm public service institutions, such as schools and hospitals, and to preserve them as a national achievement for the Palestinian people at large. 3. Attacking public and private funds and international humanitarian aid convoys intended for the Palestinian people is prohibited.”

And again: “4. Blocking the streets, looting and looting is prohibited, as it is a departure from the values ​​of our true religion and social mores. Anyone who does so is a sinner at heart and a traitor to religion, people and country. 5. The behavior of robbery, looting and banditry is the behavior of a misguided group outside of law and order which represents only itself and does not represent its clans and families.”

“6. We call on the mukhtars, notables and community leaders to control the pace of society and direct it in the right direction so as to form close families and close hearts, repelling the transgressor from his transgression and turning away from his deviation, and disavowing any action or statement to the service of the Israeli enemy.”

“7. We affirm the unity of the Palestinian people, with all their social mosaic and intellectual visions, and their position in support of the resistance until they achieve their legitimate national rights, especially the creation of their independent state with Al-Quds Al- Sharif as capital”.

On the other we observe children orphaned by IEDs planted by Hamas men on the streets of Gaza. Schools used as weapons depots, tunnels that also pass under hospitals where men, vehicles and weapons pass. Where it is difficult to ascertain the real number of deaths on both sides in a conflict that is increasingly becoming the annihilation of one people or another.

Antonio Albanese e Graziella Giangiulio

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