#ISRAELHAMASWAR. Israel builds the Netzarim Corridor as it prepares for the assault on Rafah scheduled for May


News relating to the Netzarim corridor where the IDF has begun the construction of a new base in Gaza, located in front of the pier designed by the Americans, is multiplying online. Number “2” in the image.

From social media sources and then confirmed by the IDF 2 recently remobilized reserve brigades will replace the Nahal Brigade in the Corridor, 1 of them will be stationed at the pier at the beginning of the corridor under construction.

The new brigades (2nd Carmeli Reserve Infantry Brigade and 679th Reserve Armored Brigade), as published by social media sources, will probably enter the Netzarim Corridor once the ongoing operation in central Gaza is completed. Afterwards, Nahal and the 401st Brigade (the two brigades currently in Gaza) will rest to go fight in Rafah.

Most of the IDF’s activities are focused on the western area of Al-Mughraqa, which has been 60 percent demolished to provide additional security to the Netzarim corridor. According to a rough count based on satellite imagery, the IDF destroyed 33 homes to make room for the corridor.

As regards the imminent attack on Rafah, according to sources in the social sphere, the 98th Division has completed the rest phase after withdrawing from the front. Reserves were remobilized to take over the defense of the Netzarim corridor, this phase would be completed. The Gaza Division launches raids, still ongoing, in uncleared pockets in northern and central Gaza.

It is therefore expected that in the next few hours the evacuation of Rafah will begin, the 162nd Division, which is withdrawing and resting, will be replaced with mobilized reserves. The 99th Division will be remobilized. According to social analysts, the IDF will begin the invasion of Rafah, probably before the end of May, in the meantime there will be extensive air operations before the invasion begins.

Following this new Israeli military strategy, the Al-Qassam Brigades target the soldiers stationed on the “Netzarim” axis with large-caliber mortar shells. Objective to prevent the construction of the corridor.

Antonio Albanese e Graziella Giangiulio

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