#ISRAELHAMASWAR. Israel also has an internal enemy front


Israel has been facing a war against Hamas since October 7, 2023 but also has a domestic front to contend with.

“Israel was defeated strategically.[…] and Nasrallah won the battle” declared the former Israeli Justice Minister, Haim Ramon, on 11 April to the Israeli newspaper Maariv and added “the war ended with a strategic defeat for Israel.”

Also fueling the internal front of the no-war movementthere are 100 female soldiers who refuse to serve on the Gaza border. According to Israeli media, dozens of female Israeli army soldiers have refused to be sorted to serve at the training base as observers within the Gaza border control unit.

Channel 7 indicated that of the 346 female soldiers this week, about half of them initially refused to be transferred to the training base, noting that the Army says the number as of April 11 is estimated at 116, or about 30% of all female soldiers.

The TV then added that the army will transfer some of them to the detention center at the “Tel Hashomer” absorption and sorting base, or they will be assigned to other jobs.

The channel indicated that this is the third conscription since October 7, which has seen large numbers of people refuse to serve in the unit.

Soldiers from the unit that monitor surveillance cameras along the Gaza border send forces in case of potential incidents. The unit has multiple command centers at several military sites along the border, and the vast majority of those serving in the unit are female soldiers.

The Israeli website Ynet previously reported that female soldiers attempted to escape duty at these border posts after October 7, claiming they suffered from health and psychological problems.

The Israeli army has indicated that about 20% is the routine refusal rate among female conscripts in this job (at border posts). While 1,600 female conscripts are recruited every year, only 300 of them want to be soldiers in these places, according to questionnaires reported by Ynet.

Antonio Albanese e Graziella Giangiulio

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