#ISRAELHAMASWAR. Israel advances northeast and south of Gaza. The war will not end in a few weeks


According to the Israeli Broadcasting Corporation: Around 100 Israeli soldiers were injured in the eyes and some were left blind during the ongoing battles in Gaza. The greatest danger is dictated by the snipers on the roofs. There are many stories of snipers shooting at soldiers, hitting them in the eyes. Since the start of the war, 413 soldiers and officers have been killed in the Gaza Strip, including 88 killed in ground battles inside the Gaza Strip.

According to Yedioth Ahronoth “After 60 days of war in the Gaza Strip, 274 Israeli army soldiers entered the Sheba Medical Center, many of them in rehabilitation departments.”

Tensions are also seen on the political front, Maariv says that Minister Binyamin Gantz has responded to calls for his resignation by saying that he does not make political decisions and does what he believes is in Israel’s interests. The war therefore continues in the name of the destruction of Hamas. About half a million Israelis left Israel shortly after the war and have not yet returned.

The WSJ reports that according to an American official, Blinken has informed the Israeli War Council of Washington’s belief that the conflict must end within weeks, not months, but Israeli officials have offered no guarantee of ending the war in Gaza by few weeks. The fact is that for the newspaper Israel Today: “There is no real and declared objective for the battle that the “Israeli” army is waging on the northern front with Hezbollah, as well as for the southern front in Gaza, since it is not clear which be the definition of the term “eliminate Hamas””.

And now those who live on the northern border fear the worst. Again, the Israeli newspaper Maariv, quoting the head of the Council of the “Upper Galilee”, writes: “Hezbollah, with a very small part of its forces, managed to drive the entire region into madness and force 300,000 settlers to flee”. Meanwhile, the newspaper Al-Akhbar reports that America and France are threatening Lebanon: withdrawal of the resistance from the south or war. The situation therefore seems to be declining in the worst possible way.

The commander of the Southern Command, General Yaron Finkelman, in his December 6 assessment of the situation in southern Gaza said: “The combat in Khan Yunis is a key effort. We are moving forward with the objectives on the front.”

On the 7th of December there was still fighting in Khan Yunis and al Qassam themselves wrote: “The mujahideen of Al-Qassam are engaged in violent clashes with the occupation forces on all fronts of the incursion into the Gaza Strip”. According to Qassam media reports, Al-Qassam snipers killed and wounded 6 soldiers and blew up a house where they were barricaded. A special force with a barrel bomb would do it. They also targeted another force barricaded in a house with anti-personnel missiles. It can be said that urban guerrilla warfare, although it does not stop Israel and its men, is certainly greatly hindered by trapped houses, snipers, and mined roads. The National Resistance Brigades are also located in the Khan Yunis area.

December 7th was characterized by violent clashes on the outskirts of the Shujaiya neighborhood, in the north of the Gaza Strip. The al Quds in a statement wrote: “Our mujahideen are engaged in fierce clashes with enemy soldiers in the Al-Taqaddum axis, in the Al-Shuja’iyah neighborhood, and are targeting three military vehicles with “tandom” projectiles and “commander action” bombs.

This is how the Islamic Resistance summarized the operations of the last 24 hours. At 11pm on December 6: Eastern Sector: 1- At 1pm, radar site targeted. 2- At 2.10pm, the Ruwaisat al-Qarn site in the occupied Lebanese Shebaa Farms was targeted with a guided missile. 3- At 4.20pm, the Honin (Ramim) barracks was targeted.

Western Sector: 1- At 3.30pm, the Al-Dhahira site was targeted. 2- At 3.30pm, the Hadab Al-Bustan site was targeted with guided missiles. 3- At 3.50pm, a group of Israeli soldiers were targeted at the Jal al-Alam site. Victims. 4- At 4pm, a group of Israeli soldiers were targeted in Karm al-Tuffah, casualties. 5- At 4pm, a group of Israeli soldiers were targeted at the Tal Shaar site opposite the town of Aita al-Shaab. Victims. 6- At 4.15pm, the Al-Malikiyah site was targeted. 7- At 4.30pm the position was targeted and hit. 8- At 5.15pm, the Naqoura naval site was targeted.

Israel responded to all these attacks by raising its missile defense and aircraft. Israeli troops continue to strike the enclave and advance further into urban areas of Gaza. Furthermore, IDF units are fighting in the southern Gaga sector.

In the northwest, IDF troops have almost completely surrounded the town of Beit Lahiya. On the western flank, fighting is ongoing near the Kamal Adwan hospital and on the eastern flank, near the Shadiya Abu Ghazal school.

To the south, Israeli units managed to penetrate deep into Gaza city from the eastern Al-Judaida region. If they continue to move north, the Israelis will be able to divide the northern part of the Gaza Strip into several more sections.

Palestinian forces are also active, launching attacks against IDF positions in the Az-Zaytun and Sheikh Radwan areas. Despite all attempts, Hamas militants are unable to contain the advance of Israeli troops.

In the south of the enclave, IDF soldiers made significant progress, breaking through towards Khan Yunis. They quickly advanced along the Salah ad-Din Highway and reached the suburb of Bani Suheila.

Regular clashes between the Arab population and Israeli security forces continue in the West Bank.

Regarding the situation on the Israeli-Lebanese border, the IDF and Hezbollah continue to regularly exchange fire. At the same time, the Israelis began to more actively use drones for reconnaissance in areas far from the border, including Beirut. 

Antonio Albanese e Graziella Giangiulio

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