#ISRAELHAMASWAR. Increased security at Israel’s foreign locations. Tehran promises revenge for the attack on the Damascus consulate. Green light for the attack on Rafah


There were many episodes and incidents that brought the spotlight back to Israel over the weekend. The Arab League announces the holding of an emergency meeting today at the level of permanent delegates to discuss actions to be taken against “Israel” accused of the crimes of genocide and famine in Gaza.

Outrage and anger were provoked by the attack on the Iranian consular headquarters in Damascus by Israeli planes. “Imam Sayyed Ali Khamenei, commenting on the Israeli attack that targeted the Iranian consulate “We will make Israel regret this crime and similar crimes.” And he added: “The wicked of Israel will receive her punishment at the hands of our men and will repent of the crime.”

The Speaker of the Lebanese House of Representatives, Nabih Berri, expresses his condolences to Ali Khamenei, Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi and the President of the Islamic Shura Council, offering his condolences for the deaths of the Damascus aggression: “The aggression against the Iranian consulate in Damascus confirms that Israel is a scandalous example of organized state terrorism.”

The Vice President of the Lebanese House of Representatives, Elias Bou Saab, received the United Nations Special Coordinator, Joanna Wronczka, and they discussed the serious attack on the Iranian consulate in Damascus. “, which constitutes a dangerous indicator.” Bou Saab denounced the attack, considering it a “flagrant violation” of all international laws. Bou Saab also denounced the attack that targeted a UNIFIL patrol in southern Lebanon. The dossier of the presidential and municipal elections was also discussed, and Bou Saab underlined the need to hold the elections and, in general, not to postpone the municipal elections.

The office of the United Nations Secretary General said it was “concerned” by the Israeli attack on Damascus.

Among the other topics covered by the social sphere, the closure of the Qatari TV Al Jazeera in Israel. The White House: “If the reports are true, it is deeply troubling that Israel plans to shut down Al Jazeera.” The United States has allowed the transfer of fighter jets and bombs worth “billions of dollars” to Israel, despite concerns about the operation in Rafah which just recently received the green light from the government. For CNN, according to informed sources, the Biden administration is close to approving the sale of 50 F15 fighter jets to Israel, worth 18 billion dollars.

Moscow also intervened in the attack on Damascus. the Russian Foreign Ministry: “We strongly condemn the Israeli terrorist attack that targeted the Iranian consulate in Damascus. It is absolutely unacceptable to attack diplomatic and consular offices whose immunity is guaranteed by the Vienna Conventions.” Expected results of the UN meeting at the request of Russia, regarding the attacks on the Iranian embassy in Damascus, attributed to Israel. Lebanon, China and Egypt have condemned Israel’s attack on the Iranian consulate in Damascus.

Polish Foreign Minister Radek Sikorski said he had asked the Israeli ambassador to Poland to “give an urgent explanation” about the death of a Polish aid worker from WCK (World Central Kitchen). Cyprus’ Foreign Ministry has called for a “swift and transparent” investigation into the killing of WCK aid workers in the Gaza Strip. The message stated that “humanitarian workers must be protected.” The organisation’s volunteers remain in Larnaca to manage the sea route. Two World Central Kitchen vehicles came under Israeli fire overnight in the center of the Gaza Strip. The accident killed seven WCK aid workers, including several foreign nationals. The IDF says it is “conducting a thorough investigation at the highest level to understand the circumstances of this tragic incident.” Australia has called Israel’s ambassador to Australia regarding the incident for clarification.

Israel is increasing security at many diplomatic missions around the world following the killing of a senior Iranian official at the Iranian consulate in Damascus. Israel acknowledges the possibility that Iran will attempt to respond to the killing by attacking an Israeli diplomatic mission abroad.

Israeli Finance Minister Bezalel Smotrich vetoed the deal to purchase new squadrons of F-35 and F-15 aircraft due to the failure to create a defense budget review board.

In Israel Al-Jazeera is now outlawed, Qatar TV channel law adopted during the plenary session of the Israeli government. Minister Karai: “There will be no freedom of speech for Hamas spokesmen in Israel. Al Jazeera will remain closed for the next few days.” The Knesset has approved the third reading of the law that allows the closure of hostile media in Israel, source Kan Radio Station.

The commander of the Iran-Iraq brigade Abu Ali al-Askari: “We are ready to arm 12,000 mujahideen Islamic resistance fighters in Jordan, and we begin by cutting the land road leading to the Zionist entity.”

The Head of the Yemeni national delegation of Ansarallah, Muhammad Abdel Salam: “We condemn the Israeli attack on the Iranian consulate in Damascus, which led to the martyrdom of numerous figures of the Iranian leadership, in a miserable attempt to obtain an image of victory, and it is considered a violation of Syrian sovereignty and a blatant aggression against two brotherly countries for their positions in support of Palestine.”

Still on the subject of the Houthis, on March 31, the US army claims to have destroyed two Houthi UAVs in Yemen: one after being launched in the Red Sea area and the other already on the ground, ready for launch. Again, US Central Command reported on April 2 that: “Our forces successfully destroyed a Houthi drone ship in self-defense.” “The piloted vessel posed a threat to our forces, coalition forces and commercial shipping in the region”

On April 1, the British Maritime Trade Center reports a safety incident in the southern Red Sea, near the port of Hodeidah about 150 nautical miles to the northwest. A ship in the Red Sea has been ordered by the Yemeni Navy to activate its automatic identification system.

According to the UK Authority for Maritime Trade Operations (UKMTO): A crew member of a ship in the Red Sea says he heard suspicious gunshots, after the ship was ordered by the Yemeni Navy to activate its system automatic identification.

Front between Israel and Hamas allies updated at 4pm on April 2.

In the afternoon, around 4pm Italian time on April 1st, we learned of an Israeli attack near the Iranian embassy in Damascus. It is immediately clear that high officials of the Quds Force are in Israel’s sights.

At 5.32pm, an official statement from the Syrian Ministry of Defense is edited: “This evening around 5pm, the Israeli enemy attacked the Iranian consulate building in Damascus from the occupied Syrian Golan. This attack resulted in the destruction of the entire building and the death and injury of all people inside. Work continues to recover the bodies of the dead, provide assistance to the injured and remove debris.”

According to Israeli sources, the attack on the Iranian embassy was carried out in response to the UAV attack on an Israeli ship in the port of Eilat. The Israel Public Broadcasting Corporation reports that Israel waited for the Iranian ambassador to Syria to leave the embassy before launching the rocket attack.

Syrian Foreign Minister Faisal al-Maqdad rushed to the Iranian embassy in Syria and spoke by phone with Iranian Foreign Minister Hossein Amir Abdullahian after the attack.

The Iranian news agency Tasnim: already at 5.45pm reports five people killed in an attack in Damascus, including IRGC general Rahimi, Zahedi’s close friend and deputy.

The Iranian ambassador to Syria said that Israeli F-35I fighter jets carried out an airstrike on the Iranian embassy. He also added that “we will respond to the crime committed by the Zionist entity.”

At 21:00 Italian time the IRGC Public Relations Service reported the killing of generals Mohammad Reza Zahedi and Mohammad Hadi Haj Rahimi and five of their officers following a missile attack on the consular section of the Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Damascus.

Following are the names of the victims: generals, Mohammad Reza Zahedi and Mohammad Hadi Haj Rahimi; Hossein Amanollahi, Seyyed Mahdi Jalalati, Mohsen Sadaqat, Ali Agha Babai, Syed Ali Salehi Rozbahani

According to Al Hadath, at least eight people died. According to the Syrian news agency SANA, the building is completely destroyed. The Iranian ambassador was not injured. The mass media underline that some of them had close contacts with the Lebanese Hezbollah, which has already promised revenge on Israel.

Shortly after midnight, Hezbollah’s statement arrived which clarifies: “[… ] The great leader, Muhammad Reza Zahedi, was one of the first supporters, sacrificers and perseverers for many years to develop and advance the work of the resistance in Lebanon. He has shared our concerns and responsibilities for a long time. He was truly a brother, a fighter, a loyal friend and an exemplary sacrificer in his love for the resistance in Lebanon and the region. It was he who was content and chose, together with his honorable family, to stay away from his homeland, where he made great sacrifices and wounds that filled his honorable body, and all this because he loved the resistance and defense of the oppressed in our region, especially in Palestine”.

In the statement after the expressions of condolences towards the Iranian families and leaders, there is talk of revenge against Israel.

In Syria, an Iranian delegation is expected in Damascus to investigate the attack that targeted the Tehran consulate. Finally, from Lebanese sources we learn of a suicide air attack against the American base of Al-Tanf.

The IDF over the holiday weekend fired on targets in Kfar al-Khiam, southern Lebanon, while the Israeli air defense was called to operate in Haifa, although no alert was declared. Numerous attacks have also been recorded by Hezbollah on the borders with Israel. One post reads: “The Islamic Resistance operation in Lebanon has targeted a series of sites belonging to the Israeli army on the southern border.” On April 2, sirens sounded in the settlement of Beit Hillel in the Finger of Galilee. The Islamic resistance targeted the Israeli military base in Tel Nof (Air Force Base 8) with drones.

According to Channel 14, rockets fell on the Ramon military airport in the Negev.

Israel Today reports: “Large forces are heading to the crash site at Ramon airport in the Negev.” A drone exploded near Ramon airport, north of Eilat.

The Islamic Resistance claims attack at 5:45 am on Tuesday 02 April, against a gathering of enemy soldiers at the Al-Malikiyah site with missile weapons.

Bombings are also recorded in central Gaza and north of Gaza. On the night between 1 and 2 April, Israeli raids hit a vehicle belonging to the humanitarian organization World Central Kitchen, which released a statement: “Members of our team were killed in an attack by the Israeli army which occurred while they were working to deliver food in Gaza. The killing of our team in the Israeli attack is a tragedy, and aid workers and civilians should not be targets.” Seven workers of the international humanitarian organization World Central Kitchen were killed in the Gaza Strip of different nationalities: Australia, Poland, Great Britain. WCK is currently suspending its work in the Gaza Strip and the Israeli military is launching an investigation

On April 2, Israeli forces stormed the West Bank: the city of Kafr Ni’ma, west of Ramallah. The entrance to the city of Kafr Aqab, north of Jerusalem, was closed in conjunction with the ongoing assault on the city. Israeli forces closed the entrances to Qalandia camp and raided several houses during the ongoing assault.

Same scene in the city of Beit Ummar, north of Hebron. In response, the Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades talk on their social networks about clashes with the occupation forces attacking the Qalandia camp

The Israeli cabinet has approved operational plans for the Rafah offensive, Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu said. According to him, the liquidation of the remaining Hamas battalions is necessary for victory.

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