#ISRAELHAMASWAR. IDF kills Hezbollah commander in Lebanon. Ben Gvir calls for death penalty for Palestinian prisoners. Attack on Karmiel


Following controversy over Israel’s treatment of prisoners, Israeli National Security Minister Itamar Ben Gvir said: “Everything that was published about the abhorrent conditions was true. I have already proposed a much simpler solution, that of introducing the death penalty.”

The Shin Bet reveals that 21,000 Palestinian prisoners are held in Israeli prisons. Security services chief Ronen Bar warned that prison capacity does not allow more than 14,500 prisoners and that the situation is a “time bomb”.

Defense Minister Yoav Gallant also spoke to Israeli agencies: “Our tanks that emerged from the battle of Rafah can reach as far as Litani: Hezbollah is hit hard every day, we will reach full readiness and a position of strength for any action or order.” The reference is to the killing of a Hezbollah leader, commander of the Aziz unit, commander Muhammad Ni’mah Nasser “Hajj Abu Nimah”. Hezbollah confirmed to the news. Muhammad Ghassan Khashab also dies in Israel’s targeted attack: the two were killed in southwestern Lebanon.

It is also reported that the Anti-Defamation League will go to court to try to hold Iran, North Korea and Syria responsible for complicity with Hamas in attacking Israel on October 7, 2023.

Late on July 2, the Islamic Resistance in Iraq and the Houthis in Yemen say they attacked a “vital target” in Haifa with missiles. Maritime and security sources told Reuters that the Lavant tanker, abandoned since June, was missing and believed to have sunk.

And now a look at the Israel-Hamas-Hezbollah front updated at 4.30pm on July 3.

Hezbollah announced that it had attacked the Qiryat Shmona barracks with rockets in response to the Israeli attack on the afternoon of July 2 where a Lebanese man died in the village of Zalouteyeh. According to the IDF, 10 rockets were intercepted while 5 hit the settlement.

The Israeli army released footage of the attack on an individual in Yarine, claiming that he was a member of Hezbollah. According to Palestinian social sources, the attack shown appears to be the one that killed the Lebanese in Zalouteyeh.

An Israeli drone strike targets a car in the border village of Hula. The Israeli army carried out several attacks in Lebanon during the night: air attack on Aitaroun; drone or ATGM attack on Yaroun; drone attack in Tayr Harfa.

Additionally, artillery strikes targeted Yaroun while rockets were deployed on the village of Maroun Al-Ras. An Israeli drone attack was recorded on July 3 in Aita al-Shaab. The Israeli army is ready to absorb the imminent retaliation and also to pay a price in terms of human and material losses according to Israeli sources.

The IDF in a statement said that overnight, the IAF struck Hezbollah infrastructure sites in the areas of Blida, Yaroun and Tayr Harfa in southern Lebanon. Furthermore, the IAF struck a Hezbollah military facility in the Aitaroun area. Additionally, IDF artillery struck to remove threats in the Labbouneh and Chihine areas.

Later in the day, July 2, Hezbollah claimed only two limited attacks on Israel: Jal al-Allam base with artillery; Qiryat Shmona base in response to the murder of a Lebanese civilian.

On July 4th Hezbollah claimed 4 attacks: a base in Ramth; Samaqa base; Tayhat Hills; Malkieh base spy equipment.

Starting from the early afternoon of July 3, the IDF announced sirens on alert in Manara and Kiryat Shmona; in Kfar Maimon, in Netu’a and Shtula, three times in northern Israel.

Fires are recorded in the Golan Heights following impacts in open areas. The target on the Golan Heights in the Kela base. No indication of any impacts yet. In the afternoon, new alerts were registered at the Golan border.

An attack was recorded in Karmiel: a man attacked policemen; one dead and one injured is more than just one injured. Surveillance cameras document the first moments of the stabbing attack in the Karmiel settlement. The attack was claimed by the Palestinian Mujahideen Movement. And it has received the support of Fatah Intifada who incite other similar attacks.

In the West Bank the IDF reports an attack against a Hamas cell in the Nur Shams area while planting an explosive device. More clashes with deaths in Jenin.

More clashes and attacks throughout the Gaza Strip. IDF reported sirens in action in Holit and Sufa, communities near the Gaza Strip.

In the Shejaiya area, IDF troops eliminated Hamas men, located weapons and dismantled infrastructure sites used by Hamas. Last day, the IAF struck and dismantled over 50 Hamas infrastructure sites. Furthermore, during targeted raids, IDF troops located operational tunnels and weapons, including AK-47 rifles, grenades, magazines and additional military equipment.

Gaza Health recovered ten bodies in various areas of Rafah. IDF troops continue operational activities in central Gaza, where Hamas-linked groups that posed a threat to IDF troops have been eliminated in IAF attacks. The IDF is continuing targeted intelligence-based operational activity in the Rafah area. In collaboration with IDF ground troops, the IAF dismantled several terrorist infrastructure sites and eliminated terrorists in the area.

The Al-Quds Brigades claimed responsibility for the attack with a bomb “planted in advance in an advanced Israeli army military vehicle on Route 10, south of Tal Al-Hawa in Gaza City”.

The Al-Aqsa Brigades claim: “We have bombed the concentrations of Israeli forces present in the “Netzarim” axis, which surrounds the Turkish hospital, with two “107” missiles and mortar shells”.

Israeli air strike on Gaza city. Israeli artillery renewed its attacks on the Al-Shuja’iya neighborhood, east of Gaza. According to the Al-Qassam Brigades: “our mujahideen, with fire support, were able to attack the headquarters of the operational command of the occupation forces that penetrated the neighborhood of Al-Shuja’iya, east of the city of Gaza”. There would have been deaths and injuries.

At the end of the data collection, we learned that the IAF targeted a house near the Al-Daraj clinic in the Al-Daraj neighborhood, east of the city of Gaza and two deaths were recorded in the Israeli bombings in the Juhr al-Daraj area. Dik, north of Bureij refugee camp, in the center of the Gaza Strip.

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