#ISRAELHAMASWAR. Hussein Al-Ezzi: navigation in the Red Sea is prohibited only to three nationalities, Israeli, American and British


Over the past month, the United States has carried out at least 200 airstrikes in Yemen. All these US efforts, which mainly bombed decoys and mountains, failed to open the Bab el-Mandeb Strait.

According to Yemeni sources, “the United States and the United Kingdom suffer their largest naval defeat since World War II against a handful of men in the mountains of Yemen.”

Scott Olinger, former US intelligence officer, speaking to Sky News: “Despite our attacks, the Houthis are still strong and have not been deterred by American attacks!” It seems that the mission undertaken by the United States has failed because Europeans do not trust the government and military command of the United States.”

Not only do the words of the deputy foreign minister of the government of Sanaa, Hussein Al-Ezzi, who stated on March 21st that: “America is lying about maritime navigation, reiterating that it is safe and there is no threat from Yemen.”

Al-Ezzi explained in a press conference that three nationalities are banned from sailing in the Red Sea: “Israeli, American and British”, underlining that guaranteeing maritime navigation without Sana ‘a is an “illusion” and anyone who thinks so is wrong. He added that America cannot protect its ships, which passed peacefully before the attack on Yemen, and are now helpless.

He highlighted that during this week, 283 ships crossed the Red Sea safely and securely, explaining that “shipping companies have unfortunately been affected by American propaganda and there is a decline due to the American militarization of the Red Sea.”

He continued: “President Al-Mashat has formed a humanitarian council to coordinate the safe crossing of the Red Sea, and the coordination continues.” Sana’a’s Deputy Foreign Minister stressed that there have been constructive talks between Sana’a a and the European Union during which we confirmed that maritime navigation is safe and we will address all countries in communication with the Humanitarian Council.

He further underlined that “before the entry into force of the American classification, we started talks mediated by Norway, and big offers were made to us to give up our position, and we refused, underlining that the classification represented for us an indicator of victory in our position with Palestine, and if we had accepted their offers, it would have been a stab in the back for Palestine.”

Antonio Albanese e Graziella Giangiulio

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