#ISRAELHAMASWAR. Humanitarian aid for Gaza in drop, Israel bombs southern Gaza


On March 17, Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu made a series of statements: “If we stop the war now without achieving all its objectives, it will mean that Israel has lost the war, and we will not allow it.”

And again he said: “No international pressure will stop us from achieving all the objectives of the war, and we will move to Rafah, and it will take a few weeks. There is international pressure to stop the war by insisting on holding elections, but we will not give in.”

Echoing these words are those of Israeli Finance Minister Bezalel Smotrich: “The cost of building Gaza is not my problem.” Since the start of the war, 300 planes and 50 ships carrying 35,000 tons of American ammunition have arrived in Israel.

The race for aid continues to prevent the inhabitants of Gaza from starving. Israel is considering hiring US companies and defense contractors to ensure supplies of humanitarian aid inside the Gaza Strip, NBC reported. On March 15, a dock containing food arriving from Cyprus was unloaded in Gaza. Japan intends to provide humanitarian aid to Gaza via the sea corridor from Cyprus. The German Air Force said it dropped 4 tons of food in the northern Gaza Strip for the first time.

According to UNRWA: “The aid arriving in Gaza is a drop in the ocean of the initial needs of the inhabitants of the Strip. The acting director of the Information Office of the United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA), Enas Hamdan, confirmed that the humanitarian aid arriving in the Gaza Strip is still small and insufficient.”

General Fayeq Al-Mabhouh, involved in the coordination process with the tribes and UNRWA to bring and guarantee humanitarian aid to northern Gaza, was killed by Israel. According to UNRWA the general only carried out humanitarian actions on behalf of tribes and UNRWA.

The United Nations Humanitarian Coordinator in the Palestinian Territories: “It is necessary to increase the number of crossings to quickly deliver more trucks of humanitarian aid to Gaza.”

Media sources report that Egypt receives 7.6 billion dollars from the EU in the context of the looming Israeli offensive on Rafah

On March 15, British naval security company Embry said the Houthi night attack damaged an oil tanker, which until recently “had links to Israel” but had been sold in February. According to Agence France Presse, senior Houthi officials met with senior Hamas officials in Lebanon and discussed escalating operations against Israel. According to Sky News in Arabic: 15 foreign experts, including Iranians and members of Hezbollah, have died in US attacks against the Houthis in Yemen. The news has no confirmation from another source.

Yemen on March 16 reported that a Saudi fighter plane had bombed the Zada area, near the border between the countries. A suspected aerial target from the Red Sea region fell in an open area north of the city of Eilat, Umm al-Rashash.

Following the arrival in Israeli skies of an aerial target, possibly launched by the Houthis, Israeli media states that “under the direction of the Minister of Transport, Israeli ports held an emergency session and conducted maneuvers for a battle scenario in more arenas.”

Situation of the Israel – Hamas front line updated at 5pm on March 18.

The pace of fighting in the Gaza Strip has slowed in recent weeks.

Over the weekend there were continuous exchanges of fire between Israel and Hezbollah in southern Lebanon and northern Galilee. In Lebanon the outskirts of the city of Rmeish, the Marjayoun plain and the city of Hula were affected; the city of Al-Adissa and the area of Al-Wazzani. The Upper Galilee Council reported that rockets fell on the Ramim mountain range, which surrounds Kiryat Shmona. Hit the “Rameem” barracks with two Burkan missiles.

Israeli troops have attacked a hospital in the Gaza Strip, once again the al-Shifa hospital complex, in the south of the Gaza Strip, hit by Israeli army fire on the morning of March 18. According to the Quds Network, dozens of civilians were killed as a result of the bombing.

The IDF subsequently demanded that the refugees sheltering in the hospital area leave the area immediately. At the same time, the Israeli army command does not say where exactly the refugees should be housed. The Red Crescent reported that contact with the hospital was lost. The attack occurred after the hospital was partially reopened to treat bombing victims.

The IDF command ignored requests from international organizations to stop the aggression against a humanitarian facility. And it was in these bombings that General Fayeq Al-Mabhouh of the Palestinian resistance lost his life.

According to the IDF: “The IDF and ISA continue to counter terrorist activity in Shifa hospital”

The IDF and ISA, led by the 401st Brigade, and the Shayetet 13 special forces are continuing precise operations in Shifa hospital to counter terrorism. So far 20 terrorists have been eliminated at Shifa Hospital in various encounters and dozens of arrested suspects are currently under interrogation.

Terror funds intended for distribution to Hamas operatives, as well as numerous weapons, were found in the hospital. This is further evidence of Hamas’ systematic abuse of hospitals and civilian infrastructure for its terrorist activities.

Raids and arrests in the West Bank at the weekend raid at Dotan camp, in the Amarna district, in the city of Ya’bad. Abu Al-Ezz Al-Mabhouh, commander of Palestinian internal security operations, killed. Air raids hit the new Nuseirat camp.

Across the border in Syria, the Israeli Air Force carried out strikes against government targets in Damascus’s Rif province. Meanwhile, in the Red Sea region, the Houthis once again attempted to attack a ship passing along the coast of Yemen.

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