#ISRAELHAMASWAR. Houthis: we are ready to continue the naval blockade until the war in Gaza stops


Willingly or unwillingly, there are at least three other actors in the resolution of the conflict between Israel and Hamas that cannot be ignored because they are directly involved in the conflict: the Islamic resistance, Hezbollah and the Houthis, all of whom belong to Iran.

In particular, the Houthis, through the voice of the Commander of the Coastal Defense Brigade of the Sana’a Forces, General Muhammad Ali Al-Qadiri, on February 28 gave their version of the facts regarding the US-British attacks: “The Yemeni Navy possesses advanced quality weapons that perform complex offensive and deterrent missions against American and British fleets and ships in territorial waters.”

General Muhammad Ali Al-Qadiri explained that his Brigade defends the coast and protects territorial waters with all capabilities and imposes its sovereignty over the territorial waters of Yemen. In reality, it is not the first time that the general speaks to the media. He previously said: “We are proud of the advanced military capabilities that we have achieved today, and the ambitions are still great, and they will be achieved, thank God and thanks to the indications of the leadership revolutionary, political and military”.

And again: “We say it today with all pride. We are custodians of the shipping lane in the Red Sea, the Gulf of Aden, the Arabian Sea and the Strait of Bab. Al-Mandab, and no one will have sovereignty over our territorial waters and the geopolitics of the new Yemen, which is recovering, strong and strongly present in international forums.”

According to Al-Qadiri, the battle for the Al-Aqsa Flood and Yemen’s participation in the imposition of the naval blockade on Israel and “the confrontation with the most powerful naval forces in the world, America and Great Britain, during which the forces Yemeni armies imposed a qualitative battle with superior tactical rules and military capabilities, which were not in the minds of the coalition countries to protect Israeli ships, which faces its fate with the biggest setback in the history of naval wars.”

In fact, when the Houthis entered the pro-Hamas camp they did not appreciate them much, but it was Hezbollah and the Islamic Resistance who immediately entered into harmony with Ansar Allah, evidently the planning of the naval blockade was not done so much with Hamas as with Hezbollah and Iran.

In any case, the commander of the coastal defense brigade noted that the Yemeni navy “has been rebuilt to the highest level and now possesses advanced quality weapons, from missiles to gunboats and underwater drones. The qualitative change in military operations to deter American and British ships and battleships, which are now under fire from the Yemeni navy in Red and Arab Bahrain and Bab al-Mandab, revealed to all countries of the world that Yemen has become a figure difficult and a source of inspiration for free peoples.”

According to al-Qadiri, the Houthis have submarines and they have them because the commander explains: “they are considered one of the pillars of the naval forces and the most important means of attack in wars and maritime clashes in which countries compete to arm themselves with them and develop them with the latest specifications and technologies.” According to al Qadiri, there are “manned nuclear and missile submarines, submarines intended for espionage and intelligence, and remotely controlled unmanned attack submarines (marine drones), which are considered the most dangerous submarines. In battle, producing countries have come to develop unmanned submarines as one of the best attack craft that have a profound impact. In contemporary and future wars, many of these submarines have been designed, led by spy submarines and suicide submarines, which are considered a new part in the list of the most important modern weapons.” He did not explain what the Ansar Allah navy actually possesses but what it certainly has comes from Iran.

In his long statement Al-Qadiri continued: “The state of anxiety and confusion has become evident, especially among the American administration, which has announced with declarations of defeat and concern over Yemen’s possession of this advanced technology, which it is considered a new addition to its missile and air capabilities, which have shattered the superiority of the American fleets and completely failed to protect Israel’s ships.” I’m in Bahrain, red and Arabic.

According to the Commander, Yemen would become: “a strong and feared nation that must face the colonial powers. Yemen proudly stands for the truth and supports the oppressed of Gaza, who are dying of hunger and thirst in a situation that has passed the catastrophic stage under a global siege imposed by the criminal Zionist entity, coinciding with its aggression against the Gaza Strip and the genocidal massacres it is committing against civilians.”

Antonio Albanese e Graziella Giangiulio

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