#ISRAELHAMASWAR. Houthi diversionary action: missiles and drones against warships to hit commercial ship. Israel accuses Turkey of supporting Hamas in the October 7 attacks


On March 1, the Pentagon announced that it will launch a campaign to provide humanitarian aid to the Gaza Strip in the next few days, which the Biden administration is expected to announce today, WSJ source. And the confirmation came within a few hours from the President of the United States, Joe Biden: “the United States is airlifting additional food and supplies to Gaza.” The aid arrived on board three C-130J military transport planes which dropped 66 packages containing 38 thousand rations on March 2nd.

Also on March 2, the Egyptian Air Force organized an airlift from Al-Arish to inaccessible areas of the Gaza Strip. “There will now be daily flights during which military transport planes will deliver humanitarian aid to isolated areas of Gaza.” An attempt is therefore being made to quench the hunger and thirst of Gaza with air bridges with the approval of Tel Aviv.

On March 3, however, from the social sphere relating to Lebanon we learn that in Lebanon, the American mediator Amos Hochstein will present a three-phase plan in Beirut to calm the Lebanese front: “The ceasefire in Gaza will lead to a ceasefire in Lebanon and the return of residents on both sides of the border to their homes. Increase Lebanese Army deployment near the border and end any visible Hezbollah military activity south of Litani. Negotiations regarding the land border between countries”.

Israel drew attention to the similarity of the current situation with what happened on the eve of the Second World War. Also from Israel we learn that a spokesperson for the Turkish Foreign Ministry attacks Foreign Minister Israel Katz, who accused Erdogan of supporting Hamas and the October 7 massacre: ​​”It is clear that sooner or later all members of the Israeli government they will be held accountable for the crimes they commit in the Gaza Strip. The Israeli government must stop the deliberate, systematic and indiscriminate massacre of Gazans.”

From the front we learn that an IDF bulldozer crushes the motorcycles of the Palestinians who allegedly took part in the events of October 7. And Israeli Army Reserve General Yitzhak Brik told the press that: “There is a complete collapse of operational discipline in our army and, if this continues, we will not be able to defeat Hamas. This is an unprecedented scandal as the army fights without a plan.”

Israeli newspaper Yedioth Ahronot reports that the Israeli army distributed Ramadan gifts to residents of the Hamad settlement in Khan Yunis.

Turkish President Erdogan reiterated in recent days that: “What is happening in the Gaza Strip is a deliberate genocide”

While from social media sources relating to Iran we learn that Tehran has announced that it has executed a terrorist who, according to the authorities, worked for the Mossad and who last year had carried out an attack on a Ministry of Defense facility in Isfahan. According to the report, he was arrested in a nearby town a few days after the attack.

Nicaragua has formally lodged a complaint with the International Court of Justice against Germany, accusing it of failing to prevent the genocide of Palestinians in the Gaza Strip and of “facilitating the commission of genocide”.

On March 1, the Hamas delegation was in Moscow and met Deputy Foreign Minister Mikhail Bogdanov, the Russian deputy minister who is responsible for the Middle East and also deals with North Africa. According to Al-Arabiya TV which quoted the words of Munir Al-Yagow, a senior Fatah official: “The talks in Moscow have eased tensions and broken the ice between the Palestinian factions.” Recall that Hamas is at odds with the Islamic Resistance on the issue of the release of the hostages.

The Houthis also continued media and real attacks against Israeli interests in favor of the Palestinian cause. Satellite images showed the final sinking of the bulk carrier Rubymar – the last attempt to save the ship which sank also failed. Recall that the ship was carrying 21,000 tons of fertilizer, which could cause a local environmental disaster in the Red Sea.

Ansarallah leader Abdul Malik al-Houthi promised further “military surprises and surprise attacks” against US and British warships in response to attacks in Yemen.

The Houthi Transport Minister declared, echoing the words of the Ansarallah leader: “that the activities of US and British warships against Yemen have caused interruptions in submarine communication cables in the Red Sea”. The Associated Press also finds it unlikely that three undersea communications cables in the Red Sea were damaged by the Houthi attacks.

On March 3, the Italian Ministry of Defense reported that in the morning the D554 Caio Duilio destroyer intercepted a UAV launched by the Houthis in the Red Sea. At this point Italian ships are also among the possible targets in the Red Sea. The response from the Houthis regarding the shooting down of the drone was not long in coming: “We will continue to sink British ships at sea”.

On March 4, British maritime trade operations authorities said: “We have received reports of an incident 91 nautical miles south-east of Aden, Yemen.” The Houthis claim attack on a ship in the Arabian Sea. It is a container ship flying the Liberian flag and connected to “Israel” 88 nautical miles south-east of Aden. It would be the “MSC SKY”. The operation was possible by covering the launch of drones and missiles against warships stationed in the Red Sea. The ship was hit and issued a distress signal. Security firm Embray says a fire has broken out on board a container ship hit by an explosion near Aden. No one injured

And now I look at the situation between Israel and Hamas.

Over the weekend, IDF attacks in the Gaza Strip hit settlements in Otafa and southern areas. Hamas captures another Israeli SkyLark UAV

On March 3, Hezbollah bombed the village of Shlomi in Israel today using a heavy Burkan rocket. While on March 4th a missile salvo was launched from northern Gaza towards Sderot. Ashkelon attacked with a salvo of KN-103 rockets from the north of the Gaza Strip. Also in the late afternoon of March 4th the sirens sounded in Gonen and Lehavot HaBashan, in northern Israel.

Clashes are still recorded in northern Gaza, reported by both Israel and Hamas. Clashes were also reported east of the Jabalia camp, according to the social sphere there would be deaths and injuries among Israeli soldiers close to Hamas.

The Al-Aqsa Brigades claim attack against Israeli soldiers and vehicles surrounding the Abu Mutaybq site, east of the Central District, with a series of mortar shells.

In southern Gaza, clashes continue in Khan Yunis. Especially in the south-east area of the city. In the Al-Zana area. Clashes also resumed in the Al-Taqaddum axis near the city of Hamad, west of the city of Khan Yunis, south of the Gaza Strip.

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