#ISRAELHAMASWAR. High tension between Iran and Israel. Bombings in Gaza and southern Lebanon


In a message to Israel, the Canadian Foreign Minister asks that the conflict with Iran not extend to the region; Qatar has joined this request. Doha today hosts Turkish Foreign Minister Hakan Fidan for meetings with senior Hamas officials in Doha.

The White House opposes the US House of Representatives’ decision to reject the bill on aid to Israel and Ukraine, said John Kirby, coordinator of strategic communications at the National Security Council. Meanwhile, due to tensions in the Middle East, American national security advisor Jake Sullivan postpones his planned visit to India.

According to the US State Department: Iran is not currently conducting major nuclear weapons development activities considered necessary to create a nuclear explosive device that could be tested. US intelligence sources told CNN: “The United States assesses that Israel’s military response to Iran’s attack will be limited in scope, but will be inside Iran because Israel feels obliged to respond similarly to Iran. ‘unprecedented attack against it.” At the same time, Israeli military cabinet member Gantz said that Israel will act based on “strategic wisdom and will respond where, when and how it chooses. And this is not the place for further escalation.”

As Politico reports, the leaders of Germany and Austria rebuked EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy Borrell, who is a persistent critic of Israel, to which he responded: “On everything related to the Gaza Strip, your statements do not represent Austria and Germany.” Annalena Bärbock, German Foreign Minister, is in Tel Aviv for negotiations. Baerbock said she intends to assure Israel of Germany’s “full solidarity”. At the same time, the Minister called on Israel to act “reasonably and responsibly” regarding the likely response to the Iranian attack.

“We will talk about how we can prevent further escalation with more and more violence,” she said. Bärbock then added that she also intends to push for a significant increase in humanitarian aid supplies to the Gaza Strip.

According to Bloomberg, the European Union is also preparing to impose new sanctions against Iran after the attack on Israel.

The Israeli military cabinet will meet today for the fifth time since the attack on Iran. According to an Iranian official, America asked Iran to allow Israel to carry out a symbolic attack to save face.

Benjamin Netanyahu told his ministers: “We will respond to Iran, but we must do it wisely, not intuitively. They (Iranians) need to be stressed the same way they stress us.” Netanyahu refused to answer calls from foreign leaders, fearing they would pressure Israel to abandon its military response to the Iranian attack, Israeli public broadcaster KAN reported.

Israeli journalist Mairav ​​​​Zonzein, considered close to Israeli intelligence, said: “If the internal discussions of the authorities were published in the media, 4 million people would rush to the airport to leave the country”.

Israeli Army Chief of Staff Herzi Halevi, in a statement to foreign media, thanks international partners and threatens: “Iran will have to face the consequences of its actions. We will choose an appropriate response.”

Russia has pledged to supply Iran with fighter jets to bolster its defense against an Israeli or American attack, US intelligence officials say – Washington Post.

The IRGC reports in a press note: “Israel must know that religious fatwas can be revised depending on the conditions of the moment.” Iran’s Supreme National Security Council has approved a tenfold increase in the scale of attacks against Israel if Netanyahu decides to further escalate the situation. This will be more than 1000 ballistic missiles.

Iranian Army Leaders Renew Alliance and Charter at Imam Khomeini Shrine. Nuclear facilities closed for “security reasons” after attack on Israel IAEA chief Rafael Grossi said at a United Nations Security Council meeting in New York that the Iranian government told IAEA inspectors that all nuclear sites that the agency inspects every day were closed Sunday “for safety reasons.”

Ali Bakri Hani, Iranian deputy foreign minister and senior nuclear negotiator, on Israel’s attack on Iran: “If Israel makes another mistake, he should expect a quicker and harsher response. The answer is: What they will receive will not take days or hours, but seconds. Not this time. They won’t have 12 days to prepare.”

The Iranian Parliament’s National Security Committee said that Iran, in response to an Israeli attack, “is ready to use weapons we have never used before.” The spokesperson of the Iranian National Security Committee: “We have the ability to receive signals from the places where our UAVs and missiles crashed, and we achieved our objectives by hitting two military bases.”

The Pentagon Spokesman confirmed US attacks on Yemen: “We destroyed ballistic missile launchers and seven UAVs” during the Iranian attack on Saturday. On April 16, an American-British attack targeted the Bajil district in the Yemeni governorate of Hodeidah with two raids.

Situation between Israel and Hamas updated at 5.30pm on April 16.

The northern front of Israel or southern Lebanon remains warm. There was artillery shelling on the city of Yaron, in southern Lebanon. Hezbollah claimed attack against Kfar Shuba. In response, Israel attacked the outskirts of the city of Alma al-Shaab in the western sector.

The IDF claimed responsibility for the killing of Ismail Yusaf Baz, the commander of Hezbollah’s coastal sector, in the Ain Ebel area of Lebanon. Ismail served as a senior official and veteran in several positions in Hezbollah’s military wing. His current rank is equivalent to that of brigade commander.

As part of his assignment, Ismail was involved in promoting and planning launches of rockets and anti-tank missiles towards Israel from the coastal area of Lebanon. Furthermore, during the war, he organized and planned a series of terrorist attacks against Israel.

Israeli artillery starts firing again in the center of Gaza at the Nuseirat camp. Israeli bombings also hit Khan Yunis, south of the Gaza Strip.

Israeli security forces are carrying out a special operation in the Palestinian town of Qalqilya in the West Bank.

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