#ISRAELHAMASWAR. Hamas strikes with mines and anti-tank missiles, but the base is starting to get tired of the leaders


Yitzhak Brik, General of the Israeli Army Reserve stated in a press conference on December 28 that: “The number of Hamas militants killed by our troops in the field is much lower than what is reported in the media. Most of our deaths are caused by improvised explosive devices and anti-tank missiles. The image of victory is created without achieving our goals or even getting close to them. It will cost too many lives. Officials fighting in Gaza say it will be impossible to stop Hamas from rebuilding.”

The Israeli army has a large number of reservists and a group of retired officers of all ranks, who can be recalled to the army if necessary. Israeli representatives, in particular, have begun to confirm how serious the current situation is. High-ranking figures who had the opportunity to enter the battlefield, according to employees who left the region, speak of the same terrible situation.

The Israeli army’s armored vehicles are constantly attacked with homemade rockets and land mines, and the fact that most of the victims come from here confirms their effectiveness. Things are not going well in Israel, and now voices of dissent are growing.

On the Hamas side, however, the Hamas – Hezbollah alliance seems to be cracking. “It was very unfortunate that Hamas felt the need to publicly issue a statement against Iran to denounce a false statement, spread around the world by Al-Jazeera,” Hamas social media reports.

Al-Jazeera, again according to the Hamas social sphere, “continues to play a role against Hezbollah and Iran, and Hamas continues to normalize the channel in every home. And so, Hamas continues to pander to the majority that has stabbed it in the back and offered nothing but words, and behaves wearily when it comes to those who actually shed blood in support of it.”

The situation can only get worse now, we read in the social sphere of Hamas, especially since “when the military wing of Hamas promoted the Jordanian military commentator of Al-Jazeera, who for so long brutally attacked Hezbollah and Ansarullah, defining them as pawns of ‘Iran and non-Islamists, and groups that are there to promote evil and spread a corrupt image, ideology.’

The Hamas base disputes the leaders and states: “Unfortunately it has always been like this, and it can be seen from the masses of its Palestinian and Arab supporters. For them, being an ally of the Shiites is something that conditions have forced us to do. It is worth understanding that if the group ever made a real effort to normalize its allies to its supporters, supporters would not be so superficial as to attack them for fake news.” 

Antonio Albanese e Graziella Giangiulio

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