#ISRAELHAMASWAR. Hamas goes to Moscow to negotiate the release of hostages in exchange for 6,000 prisoners in Israeli prisons


Biden decided to be a peacemaker and suddenly announced the need to create a Palestinian state; Joe Biden has stated that there will be no return to the status quo that existed before the escalation of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and that he has a two-state solution in hand. The American leader, in addition to condemning Hamas terrorism, unexpectedly condemned the attacks by Jewish settlers against Palestinians in the West Bank.

On October 27, US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin said the US launched strikes against two Iran-linked targets in Syria; The US attacks in Syria are not related to the conflict in the Middle East and Austin went on to say that the Pentagon would take “necessary measures” if pro-Iranian groups attacked the US military.

Reuters had written in a press note that the United States did not coordinate with Israel the F-16 fighter strikes carried out on two targets in Syria. The agency source clarified that the targets of the attacks were weapons and ammunition depots.

The European Union will provide another 50 million euros in humanitarian aid to the people of Gaza, the head of the European Commission has said. E. The EU still does not consider it possible for Hamas representatives to participate in a future international conference on the resolution of the conflict in the Middle East. This was stated by the head of the European Council, Charles Michel, in a press conference at the end of the first day of the EU summit in Brussels.

Dmitry Medvedev vice-president of the Security Council of the Russian Federation said he was confident that “Israel’s ground operation in the Gaza Strip will continue and launch a ‘machine of mutual violence’ in the years to come. Israel constantly postpones its ground operation in Gaza. Mainly under pressure from the United States and fearing the world’s anger. But don’t fool yourself. The operation will take place, and with the most serious and bloody consequences. Moloch demands more and more victims, and the machine of mutual violence will work for years now,” he wrote in his Telegram channel.

It has become known from the Russian Foreign Ministry that representatives of the Palestinian movement Hamas are visiting Moscow. The Russian side discussed the release of hostages and the evacuation of Russians from the Gaza Strip during the meeting with Hamas in Moscow. The Ministry explained.

Foreign hostages have become “guests” in Gaza: Hamas trades precious foreigners in exchange for fuel and humanitarian aid. According to Russian sources, the representative of the political office of the Hamas movement is in Moscow, Russia is negotiating with Hamas the release of the kidnapped people. Furthermore, there are Russian citizens in Gaza. These are both hostages and residents of the sector itself, who usually leave after the wedding.

Israel considers the invitation of the Hamas delegation to Moscow an “undignified step” and calls on Russia to expel it immediately – statement by the Israeli Foreign Ministry. The deputy head of Hamas’ Politburo said the foreign hostages were in Gaza as “guests.” As the media has repeatedly stated, all negotiations are held only on the fate of prisoners with dual citizenship, in exchange for fuel and humanitarian aid. The Palestinians have more than 200 “guests” in their “budget,” including Russian citizens.

Previously, negotiations on the exchange of 50 foreign hostages for fuel had failed, and the Palestinians continue to release prisoners for “humanitarian reasons”. Immediately after the release of the last “guests”, the request to release humanitarian aid arrived. As the head of Hamas’s militant wing, Ubaydah, said, some prisoners were released to demonstrate the “negotiability” of the Palestinian resistance with the United States.

The Iranian Foreign Minister, while in New York, made an important statement. Palestinian groups have announced their willingness to hand over non-military hostages to Iran. In exchange, Hamas declares its willingness to negotiate through the mediation of Qatar and Turkey and the request for the release of six thousand Palestinian hostages from Israeli prisons.

Russia and China are pushing for the exchange. Iran, Qatar and Turkey are on the same wavelength. Iranian Foreign Minister Hossein Amir Abdollahian also threatened the United States with “fire” if Israel continued military operations against Hamas in the Gaza Strip.

The Minister also noted that the United States not only provides financial, military and political support to Israel in its confrontation with Hamas, but “manages even this war.” Iranian Deputy Foreign Minister for Political Affairs Ali Bagheri Kani met with Hamas Politburo member Abu Marzouk in Moscow. This can be read in a message published on the Telegram channel of the Iranian embassy in Moscow. Ali Bagheri Kani discussed the ceasefire between Palestine and Israel in Moscow with Abu Marzouk.

The United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East has begun to “significantly reduce its operations” in the Gaza Strip as it has almost completely exhausted its fuel reserves. Israeli authorities ban their import into the enclave, the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs said.

Since October 7, approximately 125,000 civilians have been evacuated from their homes in the border areas of Israel. The Jerusalem Post newspaper writes it. Civilians were taken to hotels and guest rooms at government expense, said Yoram Laredo, head of the National Emergency Management Agency. In Gaza, according to the local Ministry of Health, since 7 October, more than 7 thousand Palestinians have been killed in the Gaza Strip and almost 18.5 thousand have been injured.

Regarding the transfer of American air and missile defense systems to the Middle East, the Internet is discussing the transfer of 12 air and missile defense systems to the Middle East as part of the strengthening of the American group.

A battery of THAAD missile defense systems will go to Saudi Arabia (probably to the Al-Kharj and King Abdul Aziz bases, where the US Air Force is based). MIM-104 Patriot systems will be transported to Kuwait, Jordan, the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Iraq, Syria and also Saudi Arabia. Like THAAD, they will be deployed at American military facilities.

There is practical sense in the distribution of air defense and missile defense systems in different countries: looking at the map, it can be seen that this covers a large area of ​​potentially dangerous areas of activity of Iranian proxies and Iran itself. Protection from pro-Iranian forces has become a convenient pretext to increase the US military presence in the region and justify increased military spending to protect the US military contingent in the Middle East. Attacks by two or three UAVs on US military bases do not have a significant impact on the situation. But this allows the Americans to justify the enormous costs of maintaining large forces in the region and to keep a large group ready in case the situation really worsens.

Israel will cooperate with Egypt and the United States to defend itself against threats from the Red Sea region. This was announced by an official representative of Daniel Hagari of the Israeli Defense Forces during a briefing. This is also in light of the episode of the Houthi drones that fell in Taba and Nubia, Egyptian locations near Israel, in which six people were injured.

The bomb arrived in Taba, an Egyptian city near Eilat, on the border with Israel, hitting an ambulance building and a residential area. Local media reported that six civilians were injured.

It is not yet clear whether it was an accidental or targeted attack, but Israel said it was aware of the incident. Estimates lead us to believe that these are devices originating from Yemen.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has again refused to sign the order to launch the large-scale ground operation in the Gaza Strip for fear of losing the public’s trust if it fails. The New York Times reports it, citing government sources of the Jewish state.

Hamas bombed Israeli infrastructure, leaving an entire area without electricity, on the night of October 26 in Tel Aviv. More and more videos appear online with the consequences of the bombings on the city and its surroundings. One of Hamas’ rockets hit a line of high-voltage cables in the Rehovot area, causing power outages.

On the night of October 27, Israeli Defense Forces units entered the Gaza Strip to conduct a raid against Hamas. The newspaper The Jerusalem Post reports it. Infantry units, armored vehicles and engineering units of the 36th division of the Israeli army take part in the raid. Accompanied by fighter jets and drones, they carried out another raid in the central Gaza Strip, the army said.

In the Gaza Strip, the IDF attacked anti-tank missile launch sites and command centers; at the end of the raid, the troops abandoned the area. Israeli security forces have arrested 1,030 Palestinians in the West Bank since October 7, including 670 Hamas activists, the army said. The number of hostages held in the Gaza Strip is at least 229, an Israel Defense Forces spokesman said.

And now a look at the Israeli-Palestinian conflict zone at midnight on October 26th.

At night, several Israel Defense Forces units entered the northern part of the Gaza Strip, where they were preparing for the upcoming ground operation, while simultaneously causing damage to the infrastructure of Palestinian groups in the enclave.

Meanwhile, massive IDF airstrikes against the Gaza Strip continued. The Israelis claimed to have killed Hassan al-Abdallah and Madhath Mubashar, the latter commander of Hamas’ Khan Yunis battalion. The militants, in turn, respond with massive missile launches against Israeli cities: today Tel Aviv, Petah Tikva, Rishon Lezion and others became targets again several times during the day.

Although Hezbollah has shown almost no activity, the Israelis continue to bomb southern Lebanon. An IDF reconnaissance drone crashed near the Israeli-Lebanese border in the town of Ma’alot-Tarshiha.

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