#ISRAELHAMASWAR. Gaza asks for 1000 trucks of humanitarian aid to stop the catastrophe. Israeli offensive on Rafah begins


Billions of aid for Israel and Gaza arriving from the Senate. The US State Department has indicated that the United States will not support the Israeli military operation in Rafah without serious planning for millions of displaced citizens.

Nicaragua joins the lawsuit brought against Israel by “International Justice”. The International Court of Justice said last night that Nicaragua has submitted a request to join South Africa in its lawsuit against Israel, accusing it of committing genocide in the Gaza Strip.

The World Health Organization has warned that hunger and infectious diseases will cause the deaths of more residents in the besieged Gaza Strip. The United Nations said member states are paying $887 million in response to the urgent appeal regarding Gaza and say at least 300,000 people are at risk due to food shortages in northern and central Gaza.

The Gaza Government Press Office released a statement saying: “We hold America, the Israeli enemy and the international community fully responsible for the escalation of famine in North Gaza Governorate. All countries in the world have a moral and humanitarian responsibility towards this dirty crime committed by the enemy with full American support. We immediately and urgently demand the entry of 1,000 trucks per day into North Gaza Governorate until it recovers from the famine and its effects.”

The death toll in Gaza has risen to 27,947 dead and 67,459 injured. The Palestinian Ministry of Health in Gaza announced this on February 9.

According to Israeli resources, 12 soldiers were injured in clashes in the Gaza Strip in the last 24 hours. Since the beginning of the war, 2,840 officers and men have been wounded, including 1,314 since the start of the ground operation. 545 officers and men were injured as a result of operational accidents, friendly fire and misuse of weapons and ammunition.

In Yemen in Hodeidah, the Houthis say that there have been 4 air raids: two in the areas of Al-Jabbana and Al-Taif in the Al-Durayhimi district and another two in the Shabaka area, south of the port of Salif.

Here is the situation at the front updated at 4.30pm on February 9th.

Israeli air defense fighters recently intercepted a suspicious air target over the sea in the Haifa area, an IDF spokesman said.

On February 9, the most heated clashes occurred between southern Lebanon and the Upper Galilee. Israel bombed from the Galilee to southern Lebanon and Hezbollah responded by attacking settler areas in the Upper Galilee.

The Israeli army says: “We detected the launch of 30 missiles towards the Upper Galilee, we intercepted one and the others fell in uninhabited areas. Sirens sounded in Efen Menachem, Admit, Elon, Zarit, Hanita, Yaara, Arab Al-Aramsha, Shumira, Shtula, Tantua and Fasut in the Western Galilee, fearing drone infiltration.”

According to reports in the Israeli media, the operation in Khan Yunis has concluded even if there are pockets of resistance. Israeli snipers remain on the rooftops. The Nasser hospital is under siege.

While arrests and clashes continued in the West Bank in various cities and several injuries were reported.

A ground attack on Rafah is expected to start in these hours.

Antonio Albanese e Graziella Giangiulio

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