#ISRAELHAMASWAR. Electronic warfare to avoid Iranian attack on Israel. The Houthis knock out a Danish frigate


Palestine has officially asked the UN Security Council to consider its request for UN membership, a request supported by the Arab Group, the OIC and the Non-Aligned Movement, according to two letters sent to the UN Security Council.

The Founder of “Global Central Kitchen” declared: “Israel” has systematically targeted our workers, one car after another. José Andres confirmed on Wednesday that Israel’s attack that led to the killing of seven aid workers in Gaza targeted them “systematically, machine after machine.”

Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese has criticized Israel’s explanation for the killing of seven aid workers, including an Australian, in a raid in the Gaza Strip, calling it “not good enough.”

Politico magazine reports that despite Biden’s indignation at the damage done to humanitarian workers, the Administration has no intention of changing policy or condemning Israel. Two senior US administration officials said there was currently no intention to expand the response beyond the president’s anger following this week’s incident.

US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin expressed outrage by telephone to his Israeli counterpart Yoav Galant over the Israeli attack on the World Central Kitchen convoy in the Gaza Strip, the Pentagon said.

Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk said: “Israel must apologize and pay compensation for the death of a Polish aid worker in the Gaza Strip”.

In the United States, anger against US President Joe Biden and his Administration is spreading within the Islamic community in the United States, as the annual Iftar celebration was not held this year, but settle for a “mini” Iftar interspersed with objections, withdrawals and the establishment of a protest movement in front of the White House.

According to the American website Axios, there are deep divisions between the United States and “Israel” regarding the planned Israeli operation in Rafah. And the Red Cross Spokesperson in Gaza reiterated that the safe delivery of humanitarian aid to Gaza through land crossings must be guaranteed. The German federal government has criticized the Israeli law banning the Al-Jazeera television channel.

Following the Israeli attack on the Iranian embassy in Syria, which killed several senior officers of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, the CIA reportedly informed Israel that Iran would attack within the next few hours. Iran is said to be planning to attack Israel with UAVs and cruise missiles targeting strategic sites inside Israel.

International condemnations within the Security Council of the Israeli aggression against the Iranian consulate in Syria, and diplomatic positions converge in denouncing the attacks against the embassies as a dangerous provocation and escalation. The statements of the spokesman of the Revolutionary Guards in Iran, General Ramadan Sharif, are worrying, confirming: “The martyrdom of the leaders increases the determination to face the Zionists”. On the same wavelength Yahya Rahim Safavi, military advisor to the Iranian leader Khamenei: “The punishment of the Zionist entity is inevitable”. In the meantime, a media campaign was born on Israeli social channels: “Tufan al-Harar” / “Firestorm” but it is not explained what.

Iran is preparing a legal complaint against Israel over its attack on its consulate in Syria. Iranian presidential assistant for legal affairs Mohammad Dehghan announced that his country will soon file a legal complaint against Israel for targeting the Iranian consulate in Damascus.

The Israeli army recalls air defense reservists fearing retaliation for the attack on the Iranian embassy in Syria. The IDF says it has ended leave for all combat units after a reassessment of the situation. “The IDF is at war and the issue of force deployment is constantly reviewed as necessary,” the IDF added.

From the social sphere we learn that Israel has increasingly used the Jordanian route for its air attacks on Syria. Air Force planes move quickly from or over Jordanian airspace into empty desert spaces and carry out air strikes in areas such as Aleppo, Hama, Homs and Deir ez-Zor.

The US military base at Tanf, on the border with Jordan, also provides an intermediate safe zone during this process of weakening Iranian influence. Because of the intensification of Daesh’s activities in the Syrian desert, Damascus’ air defense is deployed in the air bases of Homs and around the Tiyash air base in the Far East. From here to the Deir ez-Zor line there is no other air defense battery. In Deir ez-Zor there are systems that are used in what is essentially a “guerrilla” mode, rather than a centralized one.

Given the proximity of Kurdish positions and the risk of an artillery attack, the air defense network in the center and east becomes passable for Israeli air strikes.

There is strong large-scale GPS interference from Jordan to central Israel and from Lebanon to Adana, the social sphere attributes it to Israel and also to the USA. In this way, they are trying to minimize the chances of Hezbollah and the Iraqi Islamic Resistance carrying out a successful attack using GPS.

The structure of this line running from Israel to the north of Hatay would also indicate electronic warfare carried out in the area: the wide scope of the interference is probably aimed at increasing security along possible infiltration and exfiltration routes, the Middle Eastern social sphere always says.

On the other hand, GPS interference has also been observed in the Bosphorus, north of Istanbul and off the Anatolian Black Sea coast west of Turkey. Either this presence is part of a global electronic warfare effort to hide the possible activity of Ukrainian unmanned vessels, for example, or this jamming is carried out by ships of the Russian Black Sea Fleet guarding oil pipelines.

There is a high probability that a combination of these two phenomena is occurring. The last time such confusion worsened was when the Russian landing ship Caesar Kunikov was attacked by Ukrainian explosive marine drones and sank in February.

Bloomberg reports that US officials say they will again remove the Houthis from the list of terrorist organizations if they stop attacks in the Red Sea and Gulf of Aden. Meanwhile, the British Maritime Trade Center reports interference with the GPS system of a ship off the coast of Saudi Arabia.

Danish sources say that the F361 Iver Huitfeld frigate of the Danish Navy left the Bab el-Mandeb Strait in a short time, although it did not conduct any special combat operations following the attack: the ship’s main radar and control system suffered a major software failure due to four stray Houthi munitions. Destroyed by 76 mm artillery fire. When the problem with the vessel could not be resolved, she was hastily removed from the area.

And now a look at the front between Israel Hamas and allies updated on April 4th at 6.00pm.

On the night of the 3rd to the 4th the Syrian air defense systems were activated in the Damascus area. The explosion occurred near Damascus, firefighters intervened on site.

Israel would remove minefields in the Golan to reveal the possibility of bypassing Lebanon’s southern front. He mobilized armored forces and organized maneuvers there. It is currently receiving a batch of American aircraft and ammunition. The situation is a serious message to the party that the threat of war is serious.

From Lebanon, the Lebanese resistance targeted Israeli soldiers while they were fortifying the Al-Marj site. Metulla was also hit. Quds Brigades Claim Attacks in Sderot”, “Niram” . The Iraqi Islamic Resistance claims drone attack on the Israeli “Ramat David” air base in Haifa. The IDF: They say numerous launches have been identified crossing Lebanon towards the Betzet and Shlomi areas of northern Israel. The IDF hit the sources of the fire. IDF fighter jets hit Hezbollah infrastructure in the areas of Yaroun, Aynata and Maroun El Ras.

Israeli authorities in Gush Dan area (Greater Tel Aviv area) will open public bomb shelters amid Iranian threats. Israel announces the strengthening of its air defenses and the recruitment of reserves. The Israeli army has announced the strengthening of its air defense system, following the threat received from Tehran to definitively respond to the Israeli attack that targeted the Iranian consulate in Damascus.

181st day of clashes between Israel and Hamas in Gaza. Palestinian resistance continues to clash with Israeli forces in the Gaza Strip.

Al-Quds Brigades hit a Zionist soldier east of Gaza. The Al-Qassam Brigades target a Zionist Merkava 4 tank with an Al-Yassin 105 projectile east of Deir al-Balah in the center of the Gaza Strip.

Clashes also in Southern Gaza: the Al-Quds Brigades: they targeted an Israeli special force in a building with an anti-armor and anti-fortification projectile, and blew up a Zionist tank with a “lightning” device in the same place. Israeli drone shot down; regular 60 caliber mortar fire around Al-Amal hospital and in the Al-Arishiya area, in the front line of advance west of Khan Yunis.

According to an IDF statement: “In central Gaza, IDF troops identified an armed terrorist cell operating within nearby infrastructure. The troops followed the Hamas men and identified some of them as they exited the infrastructure and moved through the area. After identification, a fighter jet and other IAF aircraft targeted the Hamas cell and eliminated it. A few minutes later, the fighter plane hit the infrastructure from which the Hamas men were operating.”

In the Al Amal area of Khan Yunis, IDF troops eliminated a number of Hamas men and located weapons over the past day.

IDF troops continued to operate in the ‘Abasan al Jadida area: they hit Hamas infrastructure and eliminated the militiamen using tank fire. Furthermore, on April 3 IAF aircraft struck Hamas targets in the Gaza Strip, including launch sites and terrorist infrastructure.

Injuries and arrests during the assault by Israeli forces in the West Bank. On Thursday morning, Israeli forces launched a campaign of raids in various parts of the West Bank, storming many homes, searching them, harassing residents and making arrests amid clashes in several areas.

Eight Palestinian citizens were killed in raids carried out by Israeli warplanes in the city of Rafah, south of the Gaza Strip.

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