#ISRAELHAMASWAR. Dual use dock


The US Pentagon has finished the construction of a floating pier in the sea around Gaza Palestine for the humanitarian mission for the people of Gaza Palestine, opening the entrance for international humanitarian social assistance from outside to enter Gaza. But according to sources in the social sphere this is not the only mission of the pier.

Therefore, according to those in the know, the pier should end where the Rafah entrance is on the Egyptian border corridor, a border currently blocked by Israel. Also according to analysts of the social sphere, the floating dock is actually a solution to open maritime transit routes for all ships coming from outside with all the goods that will be affiliated with the Israeli army and for the goods that will be sent to Israel. 

Another main mission objective of the construction of the floating dock is to provide easy transit for all American ships and all ships of allied countries to send weapons and supply ammunition to Israel with the aim of subsequently supporting the IDF army in war against Hamas and its affiliated militias.

Israel has deployed a secret mission in which they have currently sent balloon drones equipped with technology to monitor Gaza, Palestine and Middle Eastern countries. The solution is to prevent attacks from “possible enemies” with satellite technology, drones, missiles and kamikaze drone launchers to attack their enemies in the Middle East and even the US has invited long-range drones for intelligence missions to provide important information via satellite . 

According to what we read online, with this method of surveillance Israel and the United States can keep an eye on all the countries of the Middle East towards Gaza, Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Iran and Yemen Egypt, Border of the Philadelphia axis. 

The dual mission of the pier, humanitarian and military, would be proven by the defense systems that the United States has placed there: C-RAM and M-LIDS.

The C-RAM Complex: Secures small areas and uses a six-barreled 20mm cannon to intercept short-range missiles, artillery shells and mines. The M-LIDS complex is designed to detect, detect, track and destroy small UAVs.

Israel has not commented on the matter. Only time will tell what the pier is actually used for.

Antonio Albanese e Graziella Giangiulio

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