#ISRAELHAMASWAR. Despite the difficulties for civilians, Israel is preparing to attack Hezbollah in Lebanon


The United States is preparing to evacuate Americans from Lebanon if fighting between Israel and Hezbollah escalates. US officials are increasingly concerned that Israel will carry out airstrikes and a possible ground offensive in Lebanon in the near future, some say weeks away.

The USS Wasp, an amphibious assault ship, and Marines from the 24th Special Operations Expeditionary Unit moved into the Mediterranean on Wednesday to join the landing ship USS Oak Hill and another ship in their group amphibious, according to the Marine Corps. The Wasp will operate in the eastern Mediterranean to be ready for an assisted military departure and other missions, officials said.

Despite pressure from the Biden administration, Israeli officials have remained steadfast in their desire to attack Hezbollah in Lebanon. According to US and Israeli officials, Israel hopes to create a 16km buffer zone above the Lebanese border.

US officials continue to say they see no evidence yet that a serious escalation is imminent, but warn that all it takes is one blow or one miscalculation to make the situation quickly worsen. The State Department estimated in 2022 that 86,000 Americans live in Lebanon. In 2006, the United States evacuated 15,000 people from the country.

Similarly, Canada is preparing contingency plans to evacuate about 20,000 Canadians from Lebanon, officials in Ottawa said. Source NBC News.

The evacuation of citizens, not only Americans, is one of the reasons that has currently held back Israel from attacking Hezbollah in a more massive manner. The Yedioth Ahronoth newspaper, in an extensive article, warns of the repercussions of a “third war with Lebanon”: the death toll in “Israel” will reach 15,000. And it will still lead to at least 72 hours without electricity.

According to the Israeli newspaper: “In any war with Lebanon the Israelis must prepare for something more than this.” The United States has already made it known that “we will encounter difficulties in defending “Israel” in its war with Hezbollah.”

The situation in the north is terrible and the population is going through unbearable suffering. The newspaper invites Israel to an agreement with Hezbollah: “An agreement to free prisoners, stop the war in Gaza and remove Hezbollah from the borders.”

On June 27, in a press release for immediate release from the State Comptroller and Ombudsman of the State of Israel, Matanyahu Englman, warns that the Defense and Interior Ministers are discussing and that Israel is not adequately prepared to evacuate the population in case of war in the north

The State Controller, Matanehu Engelmann, appealed to the Prime Minister to put things in order: “There is no place for the lack of consensus that has persisted for a long time, there is a need for united government action and organised. The full letter addressed to the Prime Minister warns that in the review of the civil evacuation operation, which is in the final stages of preparation, it appears that the Ministry of the Interior and the Pasha (Evacuation, Relief and Space) have not fulfilled their responsibility in managing of the reception event for displaced people from the South and the North”

Despite the difficulties, Israel is preparing to attack southern Lebanon. The Israeli army said its troops carried out the exercise as part of efforts to improve combat readiness amid tensions along the border with Lebanon.

Other Golani brigade exercises included combat scenarios, including difficult mountainous terrain, the military said. Shootings occur every day on the border between the two countries. Despite statements by Benjamin Netanyahu and Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah that the sides do not want to go to war, Israel and the Lebanese group are increasing attacks, bringing a full-scale conflict closer.

Antonio Albanese e Graziella Giangiulio

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