#ISRAELHAMASWAR. Clashes continue in Khan Yunis. Houthis graduate soldiers for the Aqsa Flood operation


Several diplomatic channels have reported plans for a broad ceasefire in the Middle East, including the withdrawal of all Israeli troops from the Gaza Strip and the release of hostages held by Hamas. The latest proposal provides for a ceasefire for 35 days and the release of all hostages. Senior U.S. officials told Reuters that a communication channel had been established with Israel to discuss American concerns and pass on information about incidents in Gaza in which civilians were involved or killed.

The Hamas Ministry of Health in the Gaza Strip reported that: “The number of people killed in the Gaza Strip has risen to 25,900, the number of wounded has reached 64,110.”

Shortly before the High Court ruling, the German government spokesperson said: “Germany will respect the decision of the International Court of Justice on emergency measures against Israel, regardless of the outcome.” Turkish President Erdogan: “I expect the court to declare that Israel committed genocide in the Gaza Strip.”

The International Court of Justice ultimately ruled that Israel must refrain from acts that could lead to genocide and do more to provide humanitarian aid to Gazans. He did not ask Israel to stop the war or to cease military activity in Gaza.

The Court stressed that Hamas is also bound by international law and must release all hostages “immediately and unconditionally.” Essentially the Court asked Hamas to unconditionally and immediately release the hostages. To Israel to prevent acts prohibited by the Convention and to allow humanitarian aid to reach the Gaza Strip. Israel prohibits and punishes those who incite genocide (even the President of the Israeli Supreme Court Barack agrees on this). There was no order to cease fire.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s comments on the Hague Court’s decision were immediate: “Israel’s commitment to international law is unshakable. Equally unshakable is our sacred commitment to continue to defend our country and the our people (…) Like every country, Israel has the inherent right to defend itself. The cowardly attempt to deny Israel this fundamental right constitutes blatant discrimination against the Jewish State and has been rightly rejected.”

“The charge of genocide leveled against Israel is not only false, it is outrageous, and good people everywhere should reject it. On the eve of International Holocaust Remembrance Day, I pledge again as Prime Minister of Israel: Never again. Israel will continue to defend itself from Hamas, a genocidal terrorist organization,” the Israeli Prime Minister said.

He added: “On October 7, Hamas perpetrated the most horrific atrocities against the Jewish people since the Holocaust, and promises to repeat these atrocities again and again and again. Our war is against Hamas terrorists, not against Palestinian civilians. We will continue to facilitate humanitarian assistance and do our best to keep civilians out of harm’s way, even as Hamas uses civilians as human shields. We will continue to do what is necessary to defend our country and defend our people.”

The US Treasury Department announced new sanctions against Houthi Defense Minister Muhammad al-Atafi, Houthi Navy Commander Mohammed Fadel Abdel-Nabi, Coastal Defense Forces Commander Muhammad Ali al-Qadiri and Muhammad Ahmed Al- Talibi, a senior defense procurement official.

According to rumors, it appears that thousands of weapons will arrive in Israel in the coming days, including a squadron of F-35Is (25 aircraft), a squadron of F-15Is (25 aircraft) and a squadron of AN-64 Apache attack helicopters ( at least 12 planes). Israel asked the Americans to prioritize supplies based on the campaign’s progress. This would provide Israel with the critical breathing space it now needs.

According to Western sources, in a meeting between the Houthi delegation and the Russian Deputy Foreign Minister in Moscow, the sides discussed increased efforts to put pressure on the United States and Israel to end the war in the Gaza Strip.

A strong statement comes from France against Iran: “We have warned Iran that it will be held responsible for the escalation of tensions in the region.”

Meanwhile, the naval blockade in the Red Sea continues. The Suezmax class tanker AGISTRI, loaded with 1 million barrels of Kazakh oil, is not likely to pass through the Red Sea to reach South Korea. Instead, the oil tanker will sail around Africa. Its estimated time of arrival is about a month and a half later.

From social media sources we learn that there are indicative notes on the transponders indicating that there are no people or commercial links with Israel on board the ships. On one map there are notes that read: “Indicative notes on the transponders of ships transiting the Bab el-Mandeb Strait: “Russia-China”; “No ties to Israel”M “Everything is Chinese”; “Russian/Syrian crew on board””. These ships are transiting the Red Sea.

The United Kingdom Maritime Trade Office (UKMTO) reported missile launches in the Bab al-Mandab Strait, apparently in two separate incidents: near the port of Aden and near the port of Hodeidah in Yemen. According to available data, impacts and explosions in the water were recorded, there were no destruction or casualties. Additionally, Western Naval Coalition forces were reported to be responding to the launches.

Meanwhile the Houthis are preparing for war. On January 26 we learned from the Yemeni media that there was a show and march on foot for the graduates of the “Al-Aqsa Flood” courses in Sanhan and New Sana’a for the second group of graduates of the open military courses “ Al-Aqsa Flood”, as part of the activities of the mobilization forces for the battle of the “Promised Conquest and Holy Jihad”.

Israel’s Foreign Ministry contacted foreign embassies and missions in Israel this week and asked them to ensure they have backup generators and satellite phones “in case of a security escalation,” according to the Financial Times. The message sent stated that the Foreign Office was “gathering intelligence in preparation for a security escalation scenario that would involve widespread power outages.”

And now a look at the front between Israel and Hamas, updated at 3.30pm on January 26.

The military wing of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad organization, the al-Quds Brigades, continues to attack IDF armored units in the Jabaliya area of the Gaza Strip using Iranian-made 107 mm Fajr-1 rockets. In the northern Gaza Strip, IDF ground and air troops conducted a joint operational activity to target Hamas infrastructure. Additionally, Israeli fighter jets, according to the IDF, hit a building rigged with explosives, as well as a military site, an anti-tank position and an operational tunnel

Currently, units from the 162nd Armored Division, 401st Iron Track Brigade, 14th Bison Brigade and 933rd Nahal Brigade are deployed in the Jabaliya and Beit Hanoun areas. At the same time, Palestinian resistance fighters continue to effectively use guerrilla tactics against Israeli troops.

Palestinian sources report that on the evening of the 25th an AN-64 attack helicopter belonging to the Israeli army was shot down west of Khan Yunis, southern Gaza. On January 26, the Palestinian Red Crescent reported Israeli artillery shelling near the Al-Amal hospital in Khan Yunis.

Hezbollah’s launches continue from southern Lebanon towards Israel, towards Mount Hermon. The launches fell in open areas. The IDF claims to have hit the sources of the launches.

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