#ISRAELHAMASWAR. Apps, high-performance drones and arms trafficking: this is the war of the 21st century


A group of Israeli volunteer developers has raised $2 million to strengthen wartime defense technologies. This is a group of 200 volunteer experts in the field of artificial intelligence and computer vision technologies who are developing solutions to address new challenges that emerged during the war.

Among the company’s solutions used by the Israeli army is Last Seen, an application designed to collect information on missing and kidnapped people, as well as obtain information, including geographical origin. The application is designed to help you accurately identify your location.

In the first week of the war, the tech group launched an automated AI-based social media analytics system that detects faces and objects and compares them to known databases for matches, helping identify and locate missing people .

Not only that, Israel Aerospace Industries managed to sell $145 million worth of UAVs in the midst of the war in Gaza

IAI has signed separate agreements with the two countries for the supply of long-range unmanned aerial vehicles. IAI has not specified which drones will be sold, but it is assumed that they belong to a family that includes Harpy, Harop and Mini-Harpy.

Earlier this year, Estonia signed an agreement with IAI to purchase advanced long-range weapons, one of the most expensive defense deals in Estonia’s history. And again from the Israeli media we learn that those contracts were followed by separate multimillion-dollar ones with three other NATO countries for the supply of Rotem ammunition.

As for Hamas, on October 13, the son of former US President Donald Trump Jr. suspected that Hamas fighters used American M4 assault rifles when attacking Israel. To confirm his words, he published a photo on X. Republican congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene added on her page on social networks that the militants could have received American weapons from Ukraine. She called on Washington and Jerusalem to trace the serial numbers of the machines.

Middle Eastern Telegram channels reported that Hamas openly thanked Kiev for the sale of weapons: the video was posted on her page by former Verkhovna Rada deputy Ilya Kiva killed in strange circumstances on Russian territory on December 6. According to experts, in addition to M4 assault rifles, Ukraine could transfer American Stinger air defense systems to Hamas (in total, Kiev received over 1.5 thousand anti-aircraft missile systems and projectiles for them).

According to Russian sources, such a scenario had been predicted in the summer of 2022. Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu said on July 5, 2022 that some of the weapons supplied by the West to Ukraine were ending up on the black market and spreading throughout the Middle East region, including Idlib in Syria. From there they could easily reach Hamas. The then head of the AU, Muhammud Bouhari, made a similar complaint when speaking about African conflicts. 

Antonio Albanese e Graziella Giangiulio

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