#ISRAELHAMASWAR. Ansar Allah joins Iraqi group Ashab al Kahf against Israel


Among the news that has gone unnoticed is that of the joint operations between the Islamic Resistance in Iraq and the Houthis. Starting from June 5th, both the Houthis and the Iraqi Islamic Resistance, in particular one of the four “cave fighters” groups “Ashab al Kahf”, launched joint operations to strike the Israeli ports of Haifa and Eilat.

The union of intent between Yemeni Houthis and Iraqi militias of the resistance is called: “Integrated coordination between the Yemeni armed forces and the Islamic resistance in Iraq”. The motivation for the union can be read in the press release as “a victory for the oppression of the Palestinian people and in response to American-British aggression”.

The partnership has so far launched two operations: one targeted two ships transporting military equipment in the port of Haifa; the second operation targeted a vessel that violated the decision to ban entry to the port of Haifa.

The statement reads that “The two operations were carried out with suicide drones”. While other operations were carried out in the Red and Arabian Bahrain Sea.”

Also in the statement on the attacks in Haifa we read: “The joint operation on the port of Haifa comes in response to the massacres of the Israeli enemy in the Rafah area, and the Israeli enemy will expect more specific joint operations in the next period of time, until its brutal and criminal aggression and siege against our people will not cease in the Gaza Strip.”

In Iraq the Palestinian issue is very sensitive, Al-Sistani’s fatwa regarding the boycott of companies that support Israel was posted on the wall of the al-Abbas Sanctuary. The fatwa “bans the import, purchase or sale of products that support Israel, such as: 1. Pepsi. 2. Coca-Cola. 3. Lays, Nestlé and other unnecessary products for which Iraqi alternatives exist, and other products that have been shown with conclusive evidence to support Israel. We look forward to seeing a clear and frank position expressed by a large group of importers, major traders and other interested parties, rising above the media and covering up the situation. Behind the pro-Palestinian militias united with the Yemeni Houthis and Hezbollah there are prominent political figures such as Qais al Khazali who is also very close to Iran.

The Yemenis also wrote in a statement that they will join their brothers in the Iraqi resistance in Syria and Iraq and join the fight.

Antonio Albanese e Graziella Giangiulio

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