#ISRAELHAMASWAR. 5000 Israeli soldiers in the West Bank. Hamas Israel Ramadan negotiations fail


The Pentagon wants to send 1,000 troops to Gaza to provide humanitarian aid. Meanwhile, the American logistics support ship LSV-1 General Frank S. Besson Jr. is heading to the Middle East to begin construction of a temporary port in Gaza, Reuters reports. US CENTCOM said in a statement that LSV-1 left the Virginia base less than 36 hours after Biden’s speech announcing the creation of a naval port to transport humanitarian aid to the Gaza Strip. Construction has begun in the Gaza Strip on a pier to receive humanitarian supplies from the sea.

According to Egyptian President El-Sisi, restoring the Gaza Strip to a “livable level” will require at least $90 billion.

Accidents are still being recorded with humanitarian rations being dropped from above due to the failure of the parachute to open and hitting a group of residents.

Italian media reported that three Palestinians from the Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades were arrested on charges of planning terrorist attacks against Israeli targets in the country.

According to the Special Report of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights: “Between October 2022 and October 2023, Israel implemented 24,500 new construction projects in settlements, a new record since tracking began in 2017 ”. Commissioner Volker Türk argues that increased settlement construction amounts to the displacement of the Israeli population itself and constitutes a crime. He further stated that violence by settlers, sometimes even by the army, has reached “shocking levels”, especially after October 7.

Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu in an interview with Politico said: “I don’t know what the president (Biden) meant, but if he meant that I am pursuing a policy that is against the majority of Israeli public opinion and that is harmful to Israel’s interests, he wrong on both counts.”

Israeli President Herzog met with far-right politician Geert Wilders in the Netherlands. Wilders, whose party has become the largest in the Dutch parliament but is currently having difficulty forming a government, wrote in X: “Israel has and will always have my full support in the fight against terrorism.”

On March 11, Israeli security forces prevented Muslims from entering the Al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem on the first night of Ramadan. On the night between March 10 and 11, clashes broke out in some places in Jerusalem between security forces and Palestinians because they were not allowed to pray. Media reported that security forces banned men under 40 from entering the Temple Mount.

The Israeli authorities, let us remember, have for many years controlled the complex in the Old City of Jerusalem, known as Al-Haram al-Sharif or Temple Mount. Muslim worshipers visit Al-Aqsa Mosque – the third holiest site in Islam after Mecca and Medina – for special prayers every month of Ramadan.

It is no coincidence that international mediators tried to reach a truce between Israel and Hamas before March 10 – the day the month of Ramadan begins, in which clashes regularly occur between Israeli security forces and Palestinian believers.

Three people were injured when an Israeli Air Force helicopter crashed after falling to the ground from a low altitude at the Nevatim air base in Beersheba.

The IDF says the Givati Brigade seized a cache of weapons from an apartment housing Hamas in the Hamad Town residential complex in Khan Yunis, southern Gaza. According to the IDF, soldiers seized mortars, explosive devices, machine guns and ammunition. Despite the IDF’s virtually total control over the north and center of the Gaza Strip, Hamas continues to attack the Israeli army. In a post by Arab military analysts who follow the evolution of the conflict: “In a video posted by Hamas you can see an explosive device rare for the region being dropped in a temporary IDF staging area in the Gaza Strip.”

During a visit to the Western Galilee, the head of Israel’s Northern Command said: “We are constantly increasing our readiness to attack Lebanon. We are committed to changing the security situation in the north so that residents can return to their homes.”

The head of the Hamas Political Bureau, Ismail Haniyeh, said in a speech on the eve of Ramadan: “The most important condition is an agreement that leads to the end of the war. I contacted the mediators a few hours before moonrise (which kicks off Ramadan ed.), but we did not receive any commitment to put an end to this situation.”

Houthi rebel spokesman Yahya Sarie said the rebel navy and “UAV corps” carried out two military operations: one against an American ship in the Gulf of Aden using several “relevant naval missiles”, and another operation. US destroyers were attacked in the Red Sea and Gulf of Aden by 37 unmanned aerial vehicles, he said, both operations successfully achieving their objectives.

On March 11, Yemen: American-British planes bombed the Al-Arj area in the Bajil district, western Yemen, with four raids.

The British Maritime Trade Center has provided an update on a new Houthi attack on shipping. According to the British naval security company Embry, it appears to be a missile attack. UK Maritime Trade Operations Authority: We have received a report of an incident 71 nautical miles south-west of Saleef, Yemen.

The French Defense Ministry reported: “We have destroyed four military UAVs headed towards European ships in the Gulf of Aden.”

In the meantime, the special forces of the Yemeni group Ansar Allah carried out training: “assault on the model of an Israeli structure”. From the video posted online, the structure re-built by Ansar Allah resembles Dimona in the Negev desert, where Israel’s main nuclear center is located.

Iran has announced the suspension of civilian air flights to Syria due to the situation in the country (continuing Israeli attacks).

And now a look at the situation between Israel Hamas updated at 4.30pm on March 11th.

Fighting and clearing activities are ongoing in Khan Yunis and the nearby Hamad residential complex. Another drop of humanitarian aid occurred in the north of the enclave, resulting in further injuries among local residents as the cargo’s parachutes failed to open.

In the central part of the Gaza Strip, the IDF is actively searching for targets in the Nuseirat area, from where Palestinian groups have launched attacks on Israeli targets in recent days. On March 11, a series of Israeli raids were recorded in the Al-Rimal neighborhood in the center of Gaza City. Palestinian sources say that on March 11, Israeli helicopter gunships opened fire east of the city of Khan Yunis.

In Tulkarem and Nur Shams in the West Bank, fighting continued, culminating in the explosion of an IDF bulldozer. The Israeli army has decided to deploy around 5,000 soldiers to the West Bank during the month of Ramadan following dozens of warnings of attacks in the West Bank and east Jerusalem. The number of arrested Palestinians from the West Bank and Jerusalem rises to 7,530.

On the northern border, Hezbollah carried out attacks against IDF border infrastructure, prompting the Israeli army to respond by bombing southern Lebanon. Sirens sounded in and around Kiryat Shmona.

Sirens sound in many settlements in the Western and Eastern sectors, and missiles are fired into Israeli territories in the two sectors. Sounds of explosions are heard in Hunin Valley and Ramim (Ali Shuaib) Forest. Explosions in the sky of Eilat. You also fire at Margaliot. The Islamic resistance attacked Khirbet Ma’ar and again Kafr Shuba.

Lebanese sources said Israeli planes are targeting the vicinity of the town of Kafr Kila, and its artillery is targeting the outskirts of a number of towns in southern Lebanon.

Israeli officials told CNN: “The IDF has not yet prepared its forces for a military operation in Rafah, plans to evacuate the population from the city have not yet been finalized and such an operation will take at least two weeks.”

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