ENVIRONMENT. The year 2022 has shown that the era of major catastrophes is about to begin


According to an article in Newsweek: What is to come is worse than the worst case scenario for climate change. Global climate change is no longer a future problem, but a dangerous, more frequent and more severe phenomenon, requiring more careful investment and preparation for large-scale extreme events that even scientists cannot predict.

This is how American Wesleyan University professor emeritus Gary Yohe began his article in ‘Newsweek’. Yohe pointed out that this year the world has witnessed some of the worst disasters in modern history due to human influence, and it is not expected to stop there.

What we know now, according to Yohe, is that what is to come will be worse than we can predict based on existing data alone, and that the damage, both in terms of wealth and human lives, will be of an unimaginable magnitude.

“Those who do not realise this should ask those who live in the northern hills of California, the Houston, New South Wales and Riverina valleys of Australia, or the Henan province of China who have become strangers to them,” he said.

The professor warned that humanity seems to be deceived or unaware of the repercussions of its actions as it transitions from one extremely dangerous climate phenomenon to another, and even as these people transition to severe heat waves, forest fires, droughts and strong hurricanes, it seems that many ignore the seriousness of the situation or deny it, and in fact buying a new home may at first glance seem like an investment with serious consequences.

Yohe emphasised that those who understand what is happening realise that with the year 2022 just gone, there is no hope that things will return to normal again, and those who are hoping for this are foolish, as things are expected to continue deteriorating, not the other way around, according to the university professor.

He emphasised that people underestimate the consequences of climate change when making important decisions about their lives, highlighting the definition of risk as the probability of an event multiplied by the consequences that may result.

He concluded by saying that if we do not consider the possibility of extreme catastrophes, we are all ignoring our responsibility for the climate change that is taking place.

Graziella Giangiulio

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